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Ice, Ice Babies

Back to the selection. Troy stands in front of the couples and says, "Let's see -- which of these guys is with my woman?" like, it is no wonder this guy has no luck with women. Kurt makes a "whatever" face, but you can also hear Rebekah pretend to find that line incredibly amusing, and Troy goes right to her and says, "How'd you like to go on a date, darlin'?" and she says, "All right," yeah, big surprise. Her dowry's up to $7,000. She elaborates on her "all right" comment by explaining, "When he picked me, I was like, 'Party! All right!'" Ohhhhh, that's what she meant. Shot of Jim scowling as Rebekah explains that Jim wasn't happy, but he "knew that would happen."

Interview with Andrea, still with that fake "that's our Rebekah!" tone of voice, saying that all the women knew Rebekah would be "the chosen one," since "she was kinda workin' it."

The remaining non-Rebekahs are instructed to pick a man with whom they'd like to go on a date from among the remaining challengers. Karen picks Matt; Sissie picks Jack; and both Cecile and Andrea pick Thad, who starts giggling again, because he gets to pick. "Who do you want?" asks Santagati. To the surprise of everyone, Thad picks Andrea. In an interview, Thad says that he picked Andrea because she seemed to have "that kind of attitude," something he might like. Also, Thad is bald. Like Charlie Brown bald. Santagati sends the four new couples off on their dates, while the original Men on Ice have to sit and wonder whether they'll get the boot. Then Santagati explains to Cecile that while the other couples are on their dates, she's to stay in her cabin and have no contact with the other five men. Cecile tries not to look too bummed about being banished to her cabin, but you know she's trying to remember if she brought her favourite Harry Connick Jr. CD and enough batteries to last the night.

Special cabin camera shows Rebekah getting ready for her date when in barges Cecile, who says, "Did I call it? Did I fucking call it?" except of course the "fucking" is edited out, and I'm kind of a sucker for cute girls with dirty mouths so I perk up. Cecile's bitching about not getting to go on a date, saying she knew that would happen. In an interview, she explains that it's insulting not to be picked, and while she rails on I guess maybe that dingbat Santagati might want to try reminding her how empowered she supposedly is. Back in Rebekah's cabin, Cecile hilariously explains that Thad now thinks two women want him, when in fact she only picked him out of pity. Mmmm, sour grapes. Rebekah -- oh so cold and calculating already -- says, "You know what? This is a game, sweetie," like did Cecile ever come to the wrong person for sympathy.

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