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Day 4 still. The Dates with the New Men. Andrea and Thaddeus. Andrea does her best to appear to enjoy herself. Thad says he thinks he made the right decision between her and Cecile, and that he liked Andrea more as the date went on. I fall asleep. Seriously, there was nothing interesting about this. In an interview, Thaddeus says, "blah blah blah" and in another interview, Andrea says "blah blah blah."

Meanwhile, back at the Northern Light, we are treated to shots of the original Men on Ice walking around looking forlorn and doing interviews explaining how the women are free to do what they want but they hope there's a connection there and I kept wondering why it was these guys are such losers that they would mope around over these women they've known all of two days. I try to imagine what I'd have been like as a Man on Ice during this time: "Hey, it was all right. Had a couple beers, played some Grand Theft Auto III, you know." Kurt says something to the effect that if Karen has a bigger connection with someone else, he's not just going to stand by.

I don't think he has anything to worry about, though. Karen is at a day spa with Dorky Earmuffs, sitting in a hot tub. Karen reveals in an interview that she felt uncomfortable in the hot tub with somebody she just met five minutes ago, which is a total load since she started hot-tubbin' it with Kurt and everybody else, and with Kurt it was all, "Kurt's a hottie!" and it's kind of sad that Karen can't just admit she's not attracted to Dorky Earmuffs, who, back in the hot tub, asks her if she's ever seen The Shining, because apparently he's stayed at that hotel. DE, here's a tip; you might want to write this down: when you're all alone with a woman in the middle of the woods in the middle of winter, don't suddenly bring up The Shining apropos of nothing, especially WHEN YOU'VE JUST PLACED SECOND IN AN AXE-THROWING CONTEST. Cut to interview in which DE scoffs about Karen feeling like they were "getting naked" when all they did was go for a Jacuzzi and a massage, which DE, shrugging, says is "no big deal," like if Karen can't handle his super-studly self, too bad for her. This guy's never going to need his penis again.

Next up is Rebekah and Troy's date, and they're going through the woods looking for a little stream to pan for gold. In an interview, Rebekah says it was really neat to meet someone from a different kind of life, like, so much for the "real" girl from L.A.; you'd think Troy was from Rwanda or somewhere the way she's going on about this "different kind of life" nonsense. Rebekah falls on her ass by the stream, and Troy helps her up. In an interview, Troy says he senses that Rebekah's been hurt before, and wants to go slow. Whatever. Rebekah blah blahs about all the outdoorsy things he does (clip of Troy flopping on his back and making a snow angel -- this guy is trying way too hard), then she says "he's an amazing father," and I'm really curious how she knows that. Oh, and Rebekah thinks, "He's a cutie, too."

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