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After dinner, more mingling. Troy explains that he was spending a little time with Rebekah and she was spending a little time with all the guys as well, like, there's a clue for you, Troy. And indeed, we are treated to clips of Rebekah being friendly with all the other guys in the room as she explains in an interview that she didn't think the women had to hang out with just one guy, and I have to say, annoying or not, Rebekah isn't doing anything wrong by flirting with all of the guys, especially if the point of the game is to have your pick of all the men. ["And date a whole bunch of them in order to amass a lot of money, just like prostitutes do!" -- Wing Chun] Shot of Rebekah introducing herself to Dorky Earmuffs, who is trying really hard to look suave. Interview: DE says he and Rebekah made a connection when she sat next to him and asked him for a massage. Oh, please tell me you're kidding. Please tell me you're not that big an idiot. God, he's serious: "It was like the person that was inside had dropped the barriers and had come out." My god. Clips of DE massaging Rebekah. He says she told him, "I want to marry you, I love you!" and then asked for another massage and he hopes that can continue and I don't consider myself a violent person by nature but I really think this guy would benefit from a severe beating.

Cut to a hilarious interview with Sissie, in which she floats the possibility that Rebekah's attention-seeking probably bothers "some of the other girls," especially when "they" are just trying to have a normal conversation and "she comes prancing in with some sort of need." Nice work by the editors to pair that little bit of textbook projection with a shot of Rebekah "prancing in" and talking to Brent while Sissie gives her the stink-eye.

1:30 AM. Kristian and Andrea leave to go back to Andrea's cabin. Rebekah scoots off with Jack, it looks like. Sideshow Brent and Sissie go to Sissie's cabin and snuggle under a blanket. In Andrea's cabin, Kristian tries to get a fire going in the stove while Andrea plays with her hair. We are treated to this erotically charged dialogue:

Andrea: I'm just watching you -- sorry.
Kristian: Don't be sorry.
Andrea: Well, sorry if it makes you uncomfortable...
Kristian: It doesn't.

I think he wanted to come across as affectionate, but he sounded kind of annoyed. They talk for a bit -- Andrea on a couch, Kristian on the floor. In an interview, Kristian says he can see they're slipping into that kind of "just physical relationship, because it's easy and fun. But I'm trying not to do that anymore." I'll say he's trying not to do that; they're barely in the same room at this point. Kristian gets up, says, "See you in the morning, my dear," grabs hold of her head with both hands, and kisses her good night. She sees him off at the door as his voice-over explains, "And I wasn't quite sure about my feelings, and so I kind of left it in an awkward spot." That "see you in the morning, my dear" manoeuvre leads me to believe that when he said, "I wasn't quite sure about my feelings," the editors removed "about women in general" at the end of it. He closes the door. Andrea wonders if Cecile's up and has some spare batteries.

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