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Decision time. Sissie stands in front of Thaddeus and Brent as Santagati says she now chooses who stays and who leaves, followed by the eightieth overdubbing this episode -- like, I'd suggest for the drinking game "drink every time Santagati's lines are overdubbed," but I'd rather not be indirectly responsible for killing all of this show's viewers when they die of alcohol poisoning -- in which he says, "Remember, one of these men could become your husband." No surprise here: Sissie calls Thaddeus charming and appreciates the basket, but says, "I have eyes for Brent." Brent looks relieved but not overly so. I suspect he wasn't super-worried. Thad is sent back to sit with the other men.

Now it's Rebekah's turn since half the guys up there are hers to choose from. Even as she dismisses them, she lays it on thick and says that with all sincerity, she feels a connection with all of them; then she chooses Jack, and tries to pretend it's a tough choice for her. Jack looks pleased. He and Rebekah link arms and trot off as the Rebekah Rejects sit back down.

The three remaining women -- all of whom have received no pleas and who look really unimpressed with the whole thing so far -- are asked if any of them wants to replace her man on ice with one of the four rejects. Not surprisingly -- since each of these guys wanted Rebekah or Sissie instead of them -- the remaining bachelorettes gather up their original Men on Ice.

Santagati banishes the leftover dudes with a full-body pointing gesture, swiveling his entire body as much as any Olympic discus thrower, and tells them it's time for them to leave. Then he addresses the five couples: "Well, ladies, once again, you've staked claims. And gentlemen, you have another week to get to know the woman that could be your wife. So have a great night, and good luck." ["Again with the poor syntax. Aw, who cares." -- Wing Chun]

Next week -- we get a whole lot more Cecile; looks like Kristian and Andrea have sex; people fight; there are sled dogs; and that chunky guy says, "This is dramaville." Non-stop FOX!

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