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Cecile's up next, and she too is wearing a headset in her plane. She's twenty-six, a sales analyst, and says she's on the show for the chance to meet her soulmate. I try not to snicker at that as I watch her in some hip-hop dance class. I think Cecile's cute. She's got long brown hair with blonde streaks, and apparently after she's done busting a move, she likes to tool around Benicia, CA in a silver BMW. She calls the show's premise "incredibly romantic." I'd like to look up the word "romantic" in whatever dictionary Cecile's using. Shot of her plane, which is actually the same plane they tried to pretend Rebekah was in earlier.

Karen, age thirty-six, is a business development manager who looks like a less bimbo-ish Three's Company-era Suzanne Somers, actually. She talks about a marriage that ended kind of suddenly, but doesn't say why. We watch her walk along a beach in Hampton, NH and I think this was supposed to look reflective, but looked more like one of those "Are you in debt? Harassed by creditors?" ads. Back to the headset-wearing Karen as her voice-over continues, explaining that she'd love to share her life with somebody because she has a lot to share. She's got plenty of trite observations on love to share, anyway.

Andrea, the thirty-four-year-old advertising manager, is up next, and her interview has this weird hazy look to it, which might have something to do with the "she needs some moisturizer" comments on the forums. She explains that she was engaged, but her fiancé drowned, and it took her a while to realize that every time she gives her heart to somebody, he isn't going to die (followed by a shot of her walking along a San Francisco pier, like nice, FOX). She speculates that there might be somebody in Alaska for her.

Despite the fact the show has gone to great pains to pretend that these women are all arriving separately, only three planes land by the lakeside (with a graphic informing us that it's 19° F, which isn't very cold as far as winter in Alaska goes), where Santagati has three bonfires lit, for some reason. We watch separate shots of all five women being helped off the planes, and then all of them approach the campfires from different directions, like YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE. How sad they couldn't afford to rent two more floatplanes for this stupid show. There's a flagpole, with the Alaskan state flag on it, and I was going to say I think Alaska has the coolest state flag in the U.S., but then I realized I don't even know any other state flags and I only know Alaska's because I used to live right next door in the Yukon.

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