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Ice, Ice Babies

Santagati informs these poor bastards that they are the first "Men on Ice," and that he'll see them later at Proposal Point, where the women will decide to keep them in play, or send them away and replace them with one of the other guys here on the glacier. I really hope that big fat guy shows up again. Santagati continues by saying that they have one week to get to know their future wives, which sounds like plenty of time to plumb the depths of these dingbats' souls. Kristian already has his arm around Andrea. The seeds of discord are sown already as Sissie reveals that all the women get along really well (and I would like to point out they've been together about twelve hours, most of which was spent sleeping), but she thinks that if some of the women don't like the guys they've chosen, they might like her guy. So she's a twit and paranoid. Good to know.

Sun sets in Alaska. It's 7 PM. Back at the Northern Light, we witness excruciatingly boring small talk between Brent and Sissie as everybody mingles. Cut to Brent explaining how they talked about how different things are in the north as opposed to the south, like, let me guess: it's colder. Then we see Rebekah flirting with Jim at the bar. She's wearing a tight red midriff-revealing shirt, she's pointing at her chest and asking Jim if he likes her ski bunny outfit, and I can only assume this was cut from the broadcast watched by everyone on the forums who clucked their tongues and wanted to know what the guys saw in Rebekah while I thought, "Yeah, that's a real mystery."

Already the in-fighting begins; I assume the liquor is starting to loosen people up as Sissie calls someone "Cutie-Patootie" and then points at Rebekah and says, "This is the princess right here," pretending to be joking but you know she's serious. Rebekah laughingly (and a little drunkenly, sounds like) protests that choice of nickname. In an interview, Sissie elaborates on this, explaining that Rebekah wants her mocha frappucino and wants to be the centre of attention and you get the sense that Sissie wants us to think that it doesn't bother her, like she's explaining it in a "that's our Rebekah!" affectionate kind of way, but with her arched eyebrows and a grin that was more rictus than smile, you could smell the jealousy on her. We get another clip of Rebekah pointing at her chest and talking to Jim, who to his credit is trying to maintain eye contact instead of just blatantly staring at her breasts, even though Rebekah's intent on letting him know that's what she put them out there for.

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