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The plane lands, and pulls up. We can actually see someone sitting in the back. Unlike the other women, though, Cecile isn't looking at all at the plane. I'll bet good money she was instructed not to look, in a final feeble attempt to create some excitement. Santagati strolls back up and tells her Will isn't on the plane. She keeps smiling and sort of glances over her shoulder. "But there's a gentlemen that wants to come up here and have a few words with you," he says. Cecile suddenly looks scared, but Old Tim gets off the plane and saunters up. Cecile starts smiling and giggling. "Well, here I am," he says. And how nice it is that this show once again ignores the decisions made by the women. I mean, here's a guy who was rejected twice by the women (including once by Cecile herself) and yet gets to come back instead of Will, the man Cecile actually did choose. Sure, Cecile is still obviously carrying a torch for Old Tim, but it still comes off as another example of this show's stupid making-it-up-as-we-go-along nonsense. Anyway, Old Tim blathers on about how much pressure he faced and how he didn't really have an open mind, which wasn't fair to either of them, but blah blah "I met a beautiful woman" blah blah. Bottom line is he asks for a second chance for them to get to know each other "away from all the lights and cameras." Cecile says, "I would love to," and giggles. These two idiots completely deserve each other. They hug, and Cecile says, "You look really good." Huh? He's wearing a ski jacket, for crying out loud. Old Tim just says "thank you." Uh, Tim? When a woman compliments your appearance, by all means thank her, but you had better respond in kind, especially when SHE'S WEARING A GODDAMN WEDDING DRESS. What man doesn't know this? Cecile giggles a little more about how she thought she was going home and I guess it's a lucky thing for her that a man showed up to validate her existence and allow her to be in Alaska, because obviously she couldn't just do as she pleases. I dislike Cecile more than I dislike Rebekah, which says a lot. Then I gag as they thank each other about eight million times, Cecile thanking Old Tim for coming back and saying nice things and how it "took a lot" and Tim thanks her for thanking him and stuff. God, this is painful. More hugging.

Commercials. Thank you. Time to start chugging the Pepto-Bismol in preparation for the upcoming Brent and Sissie schmaltz-fest.

Okay, here comes Sissie. Santagati: "Sissie, this is where your Alaskan journey ends." Then he begins the Sissie and Brent recap, which basically amounts to "Sissie instantly loves Brent, who eventually admits that he's in love with her." OH GOD NOT THE "HUNKA BURNIN' LOVE" CLIP AGAIN HAVE YOU PEOPLE NO MERCY. They flirt. Sissie clings. We revisit her supposed "plan" to scare off any would-be suitors. We revisit the "make my life revolve around his" comment. The ever-grammatically deficient Santagati reminds her that she chose Thaddeus as her second Man on Ice. "But of course, your heart and soul lied [sic] with Brent." Sissie was never picked first for dates and received two pleas, for a dowry of $9,000.

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Looking for Love




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