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Now Santagati explains the couples are going on one last romantic "overnight date" with each other in an "isolated cabin in the Alaskan wilderness," which is WHERE I THOUGHT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ALL ALONG, but never mind. "This is a last opportunity to get to know the man who could become your husband." Is there no limit to this show's idiocy? Or Santagati's stupidity, as he implores the couples to "use this time wisely," which is exactly what he told them last time, and he advises them to "ask the questions that have not been answered" and "share the feelings that have not been expressed." You know, three of the five couples have been together since the show began, so can we quit pretending that an extra day is somehow going to make them know each other well enough to marry each other? Let's call it what it really is: a last chance for FOX to get some sex to justify its unnecessary parental guidance warning. Then we get the standard going-to-commercial music and camera pull-back, only we don't go to commercial. Stupid FOX.

Overnight dates begin. We start at "Cecile and Wills' [sic] cabin." That's right, "Wills' cabin." So I don't have to do this each time, let me point out the morons who put this show together can't be bothered to employ proper punctuation. Either that or the men decided to change their names for the finale to Wills, Kurts, Brents, Kristians and Jasons.

Cecile and Wills walk along the beach. "Will is an incredible man and I'm so thankful to have met him," says Cecile in an interview. "I definitely want to get to know him better." Will blah blahs about the date bonding the two of them together more, or whatever. We watch them read together, and during a candlelit night on the couch, we see that one of the things Cecile does to get to know Will better is BLAB ENDLESSLY ABOUT OLD TIM. Good god, woman. Let it go. And when you leave Alaska alone -- for you will leave Alaska alone -- get yourself some therapy. She explains to Will how comfortable she feels with him: "Like the way you and I talk? I can't talk that way to Timmy." Will somehow manages not to point out that she also can't talk to Old Tim that way because Old Tim isn't there, because Cecile kicked him off the show, because she was "fucking livid" and said she couldn't ever be friends with him. But all is forgotten, I guess, as Cecile admits in an interview: "I still think about Timmy. I think we still have a little more conversation left." A little more? You won't fucking shut up about him.

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