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"Who says I can't cook!" says Sissie as she spoon-feeds Brents over their candlelight dinner, and later Sissie is saying, "I prayed and prayed and prayed and I didn't even know what to pray for." And I guess she's talking about praying for a husband, which is a pretty damn selfish thing to be praying for, although admittedly not as ridiculous as Jane Fonda on her knees at Turner Field when the Braves were in the World Series.

In an interview, Sissie does some of her own Santagati-esque revisionist history as she explains that her problem in the past is that she has been "so strong" that she wouldn't let anyone take care of her. Yes, that's right. The problem with this soi-disant baby-making machine -- who wants her life to revolve around Brent's, remember -- is that she's so strong. Over dinner, Brent says, "I've waited a long time for something good to happen to me and I'm not going to pass this by." Let's hope his kids never hear about how long Brent has waited for something good in his life, okay? Sissie says, "I feel the same way about you." I can't believe Sissie, the rock, is crumbling and allowing herself to develop feelings! Has the whole world gone topsy-turvy? We fade out to scenes of the two of them making out in their pyjamas on the bed.

The next morning, Brent serves Sissie breakfast in bed. The stove's about six feet from the bed in this cabin. In an interview, Brent says he's not sure what he's going to say at Promise Lake, but he's got "twenty-four hours to figure it out." Sissie says she knows she's not going to get a proposal, but she hopes that Brent will say he's enjoyed his time with her and that he's fallen in love with her.

Noon -- the overnight dates officially end and it's time for the Men on Ice to leave. In an interview, Cecile says she's "bummed" to see Will leave: "I think I could see myself definitely falling in love with Will." Will says there's a possibility that he and Cecile will wind up together. They hug goodbye -- and this is the last we ever see of Will.

Jason and Rebekah hug goodbye. In an interview, Rebekah does her squeaky-voiced gushy thing as she talks about how she and Jason bonded.

Next we see two zombies lurching forward out of another cabin, presumably in search of some fresh brains -- oh, hold on, it's Karen and Kurt. In an interview, Kurt says he was bothered by the fact that he had to leave because of how much he's enjoying his time with Karen. You know, talking to her, watering her, setting her on the windowsill to make sure she's getting enough sun. They hug and kiss goodbye and Kurt hops into the backseat of a waiting SUV. Karen says she was sad to see him go.

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Looking for Love




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