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The parental-discretion warning is flashed on the screen again. New Tim says he noticed that dinner that night wasn't at one big table, but at smaller tables for small groups. He says he was the last person in the "chow line." Was this a buffet? How truly romantic. He says he noticed Jason and Rebekah sitting at a table for four while Cecile was off chatting with Kurt and Karen. Then, when Will sat down with Jason and Rebekah, Cecile went there, too. "Small, little things like that are indicative that she's leaning Will-ward," says Tim, who winds up at the zombie table with Karen, Kurt, and Brad. We see many shots of Cecile at her table laughing and having a great time while Tim stare-stalks her from across the room. Cecile voice-overs: "I think Tim knows he can't compete with Will." Sure, he might know that -- if you told him. You know, being honest? Remember your hissyfit over Old Tim not being honest with you? Remember how you said you would never hurt someone else like that? Remember that? It was two nights ago, Cecile. Ring any bells? "I just felt kind of dissed," says New Tim. I can't see that there's any "kind of" about it.

New Tim decides to ruin everyone else's evening by blabbing non-stop about Cecile. He says that, on the glacier, he was hoping she'd pick him. She "eclipsed everything else," he says, while Karen squeals that New Tim is breaking her heart. Tim: "Blah blah blah blah Cecile blah blah blah." Kurt and Brad just sit there. Brad says he should be happy Tim's her Man on Ice, and Tim says he is happy. He's "fine," he's "good." In an interview, he says, "I'm really kind of confused right now. I don't understand what the problem is. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

At the lodge, the gang hangs out in the common room, where New Tim moodily sits by himself in a corner and stare-stalks Cecile some more; she is telling Kristian what a good time she had with Will. She mentions talking about sports: "I was like, finally, someone who has as much passion for sports as I do," even though she hasn't mentioned sports once up till now, and even though I can't imagine she's ever had a hard time finding guys who like sports. It's obvious she's just blabbing about the date a lot so it'll seem like she's really into Will and not just creeped out by New Tim's creepy ass. In an interview, New Tim says he feels like he's being played, but "I can charm her in the mean time, or try, or try to set Will up to say something asinine." More asinine than "detox"? Not going to happen. My VCR counter tells me Tim has about twenty-three minutes left on this show.

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