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Having successfully targeted its desired couple, this week's edition of Reality Check comes to an abrupt end. In an interview, Keith says he figures it's "time to make a run for Kristian's girl" and that he felt "chemistry" with her as we watch clips of them talking and playing darts, and Andrea is doing this annoying exaggerated "zip it!" gesture, which is good advice for pretty much everybody on this show. Meanwhile, Andrea glances over at Kristian playing pool all by himself.

Commercials. You know, if you find yourself actually looking forward to the commercial breaks, it's a sign you shouldn't be watching the show.

Proposal Point. In an interview, Andrea says she doesn't think anyone will plead to her, but that if someone does, she'll have something to think about. Uh huh. Seems to me she said roughly the same thing concerning Patrick, and then she dismissed the guy who liked her and wanted to spend time with her in favour of a guy who doesn't appear to like her all that much, certainly doesn't want to spend time with her, but is willing to have sex with her. Kristian says that if Andrea accepted a plea from another guy, "it wouldn't be a surprise." I think they cut the part where he said it would be a relief.

"I'm sensing that I'm on my way out," says New Tim, yet doesn't explain which of the many BLATANT HINTS Cecile has dropped has led him to "sense" that. Will says he'd feel bad if New Tim were booted because of him, but that's just the way it is.

And with all of these insights from people we don't at all care about, we're ready to begin. Santagati outlines how Proposal Point works with the help of his ubiquitous voice-over.

Keith goes first; he's making a plea to Andrea. Rebekah reaction shot, even though we already know she couldn't care less. Andrea's dowry is up to $9,000. Is that a glimmer of hope in Kristian's eye? Oh, man. Keith actually begins his plea by telling the other women what a hard choice it was. Way to hedge your bets, Keith! Andrea's certain to take you now! He blah blahs about "connection." Then he gives her this crappy flower/ice thing and asks her to share the flowers with the other bachelorettes, because it's such a good idea to give a gift to a woman and ask her to share it with other women. Good one, Keith! Requisite Kristian "who farted?" face reaction shot to make it seem like he's concerned.

Mike's up next. Remember Mike? Day-spa-with-Andrea guy? If you're getting less screen time than Kurt, you know you're not the most exciting guy in the bunch. He's pleading to Rebekah, whose dowry is up to $21,000. He starts his plea by ripping off Keith's "cover all bases" technique and tells the other bachelorettes "it's been a privilege," whatever that means. He mumbles something about thinking she's really nice, and gives her some flowers. Seriously, more boring than Kurt. Vegas has just set the odds on Rebekah choosing Mike at eight billion to one.

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