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Ice Queens And Snow Men

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Annoyingly Whimsical Playfulness between Jason and Rebekah as they throw snow at each other. In an interview, Cecile -- who knows all of Rebekah's thoughts because they're totally best friends for life -- says that Rebekah really likes Jason, and that she's overwhelmed by the fact she's kept him here. Hmmm. Seems to me Rebekah DIDN'T GET ANY PLEAS last time, but whatever, Cecile. More annoying play-fighting. In an interview, Rebekah says, "Jason's like me; he has a serious side, but then he's a total goofball." No, I don't remember seeing any wacky "Rebekah is a total goofball" clips yet either. YET MORE wacky play-fighting. In an interview, Jason blah blahs that Rebekah's always trying to fight him in the snow, but she's never going to win, which I guess makes him feel like quite the big man. I guess this is where we're supposed to go "awwww!" because the calculating flirt may be developing Real Feelings and this is supposed to mean so much to us because we care about Rebekah...why, exactly? Oh, right. We don't. And we certainly don't want to watch a five-minute clip of Jason wiping off Rebekah's face after he gives her a snow-wash, which we get anyway.

That night, it's the dinner with the Men on Ice, and we watch Cecile and New Tim hug after she finally shows up late for dinner. Tim voice-overs that the dinner (everyone's there only at tables for two) was his first chance to talk to Cecile one-on-one. He says that he's attracted to Cecile physically, although he's giving off that "it puts the lotion on its skin" vibe. He says something about her voice being a lullaby. I think lullabies don't generally use the word "fuck" very often. In an interview, Cecile says that she liked New Tim at first, and was thrilled that his plea consisted of a Shakespearean sonnet, as if she knew it was Shakespeare without Tim probably telling her back at Proposal Point. At the dinner, Tim is telling Cecile his first impression of her was that she was a lot younger than he is, whatever he means by that. In an interview, Cecile says that Tim tried to "connect" with her by talking about serious things; we see Tim asking Cecile what happened between her and Tim, since he wasn't around and is unclear about what happened. I'm sorry, but I have to say he ought to know better than to quiz dates on past failed relationships, especially one that he knows, at the very least, ended really badly. In an interview, Cecile says she did not want to talk about Old Tim at all. She says it a couple of times, and I notice that she doesn't use Old Tim's name at all; she just says, "my first Man on Ice," and you just know she read some stupid article about not allowing the guy who hurt you the dignity of having a name.

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Looking for Love




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