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And so begins the diatribe -- the long, interminable lament. It begins with Cecile saying something to the effect that she doesn't want Tim to be shown in a bad light or anything. Then she says, "If I had some time to detox and figure out where I am, I'd probably be better. But I'm not." My god, my god. Okay, if I'm talking to a girl and she starts saying things like "time to detox" and "figure out where I am"? I start screaming on the inside. It gets worse. Cecile explains, "I'm not inhuman. You know, I have emotions. I have feelings. And yeah, my feelings got hurt." She's speaking with that "see how strong I am this man will not repeat NOT hurt me" tone of voice, the one favoured by women on daytime talk shows who have come on Jenny Jones to explain that yeah, her boyfriend has already cheated on her twenty-three times, but she's going to leave him, for real, if he does it again. Poor New Tim quickly tries to put the lid back on Pandora's box: "Can we turn the page?" he asks her, except then he hedges a little, presumably because he thinks that if she does want to talk about it, she'll appreciate his being a sympathetic ear. After some hesitation, Cecile starts in again by saying that Old Tim really hurt her. The time flashes on the screen: 8:15. So you know exactly where this is going.

9:15 PM: "Had it not been in this setting, it would not have been a big deal at all. I probably would have been like, 'who?'" Oh, it's the setting's fault. The other couples are finishing up dinner and leaving.

9:30 PM: "I'm worried that he thinks that I'm just out of my mind, heartbroken." So she's worried that Old Tim knows the truth, then.

10:45 PM: "I don't even want to talk about it anymore." After two and a half hours, New Tim's able to respond, "Then please don't," as gently as he can. Cecile giggles. In an interview, New Tim says he pointed out to her that they went over it, rationalized it, re-rationalized it, and hashed it out. But she's not done yet.

11:45 PM: Tim looking very uncomfortable. Cecile: "I'm just trying to finish it up because I don't have closure and I don't think I ever will." At this point, she's spent as much time talking about Old Tim as she spent with him. New Tim has put up with more than he deserved here. Thank god, looks like Cecile's finally done.

1:15 AM: Grainy surveillance videos from the women's cabins. Kurt tries to snuggle with Karen, who just lies there unmoving. Sissie and Brent sit on a couch, and Sissie takes off her boots. A fully clothed Jason and Rebekah snuggle. And just when you're thinking these are the saddest clips possible for a show with a parental guidance warning, we are subjected to the searing image of Kristian in his tighty whities getting into bed with Andrea, who is waiting for him with the covers pulled up to her neck. Television Without Pity is paying my counseling bills, I guarantee you.

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Looking for Love




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