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The Sum of All Tears

Out on the porch, Kristian and Tim bond: "Took guts," says Kristian. Tim thanks Kristian for coming out there with him and Kristian says "no worries" since Tim is obviously now Kristian's hero. And in a ridiculous attempt to make Tim look like even more of a jerk, the camera focuses on the fact that he is SMOKING. Gasp! A smoker, too? What a loser!

Meanwhile, Cecile is still screeching and swearing and saying that the least Tim could have done is told her in private. Okay, that's it. I have just about had it and I cannot believe all the discussion on the boards that agrees with Cecile about this and I have never before been so fully in tune with the "Without Pity" part of this website's name as I am as far as Cecile is concerned. No, Tim, shouldn't have lied about how he felt, but it's not as though Cecile has been 100% honest with him, as evidenced by her telling everybody BUT TIM that if he didn't make an effort, she was ditching him. And as far as whether he should have told her in private or not? Cecile didn't seem to have any problems with Tim being pressured in public; it's only when she's the one embarrassed that privacy is now conveniently an issue. And that's even without pointing out that SHE IS ON A TELEVISION SHOW, for Christ's sake; you can't ignore that as some posters are trying to do, since when you have no problem going on a television show being broadcast into millions of homes across North America wherein you (a) put your entire personal life on display, (b) end the show in a wedding dress hoping some guy you've just met proposes to you, and (c) don't mind screwing around ON CAMERA with a relative stranger, then Cecile, not only is your assertion that you deserve privacy completely laughable, but you also have some fucked-up definition of "privacy" that in no way resembles what "privacy" means to the rest of the world. Based on the way Cecile's behaved, no one's going to convince me she isn't getting exactly what she deserves here. Sure, Tim's a jerk, since he clearly avoided telling her that he wasn't interested in her, since that would have precluded him from getting any action last night. But Cecile? You're not a victim. So shut up with your "I'm fucking floored" and all your whining. Shut up and grow up.

Oh, man. Back at the bar, Tim is blah-blahing that he would have rather done it one-on-one, but...and he trails off, so one of the other morons says "not possible" even though it actually was, and the correct answer is "she wouldn't have gone down on me." Then Tim keeps insisting that it would have been "fake" if he hadn't come clean, like, nice time for honesty to become so important to you.

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Looking for Love




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