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The Sum of All Tears

AnotherTim is up next and says he's going to plead to Cecile, bringing her dowry up to $13,000. Andrea looks nonplussed, but he's clearly doing it since he knows the First Tim is toast. He takes off his jacket, revealing some puffy pirate shirt and annoyingly declaims not Shakespeare's Sonnet XXIX, which I asked for last time, but Sonnet XLVI and tries to make it apply to Cecile and her Two Tims. AnotherTim is from now on known as Swishy Tim.

And the worst batch of pleas yet seen on this show continues with Terry, who ditches making a plea to Cecile (and who can blame him) in favour of making a plea to Sissie. He rambles on that everybody has a person inside who talks to him or her, whatever, and he says he's going to let his inner person speak for him. Oh, and his inner person is named Cletus and Terry puts in these fake, grungy, overbite teeth and launches into this overdone fisherman analogy and says Sissie's got a nibble from Brent and she should reject Terry's plea since he doesn't want to come in between her and Brent. Shut up, Terry. You just gave Sissie $2,000 to reject you, which she would have done for free.

Doug's up. But when Santagati asks him to whom he's pleading, he says he doesn't want to plead to anyone. Rebekah rolls her eyes. You know, Rebekah, you and Cecile and everybody else might want to pay attention; this is what's commonly referred to as "dignity" and "self-respect." Doug explains that he's had a chance to observe everyone -- "who they are, what they are" -- and the producers are always telling them to be honest, so: "Honestly, none of these people did it for me, and I can't choose anyone." Yay, Doug! Santagati thanks him for participating and sends him on his way.

First up, Karen's choice. One of the camera angles points out that Bob is roughly twice her size. She says he seems like a kind man and she wishes they could get to know each other better (this after pointing out that she and Kurt don't really know anything about each other). She neglects to mention that Bob is about twice as old as her ideal man. She chooses Kurt.

Sissie's turn, and I can't see why they even bothered with this one, since Terry was in fact encouraging her to pick Brent, which she does, and Terry and Brent do a manly handshake and everything.

Naturally, Cecile goes last, since this is so dramatic and everything, also evidenced by the annoying music, which starts to swell. Cecile says that Original Tim made it clear he no longer wants to be here. Uh, point of order, Cecile; I think Tim made it clear that he's not interested in your psycho ass. She blah blahs that people shouldn't force themselves to have feelings they don't have, which one could argue is pretty much the premise of this show. She picks Swishy Tim and says she appreciated his poem, as though she wouldn't have chosen him even if his plea consisted of lighting his own farts.

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Looking for Love




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