Looking for Love
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The Sum of All Tears

Santagati asks Tim all serious if he has anything to say to Cecile. He mumbles an apology and says he had a good time with her and does a generally good job of trying to appear contrite instead of thrilled to be almost done with this freak show.

The plea-less Andrea and Rebekah choose to stay with Kristian and Jason, respectively. Santagati banishes the other men, then addresses the five couples and says, "There's some new relationships," when there is in fact only one new relationship, and then the voice-over kicks in with the annoying-because-it's- not-at-all-true statement about the couples having another week to get to know each other.

Next time: Meet the new Tim, same as the old Tim, as Cecile says in an interview that "Tim continues to dig a hole for himself every time he opens his mouth." Someone says something about not trying to steal someone else's woman; Kristian looks like he'd really like to know what a guy has to do to get his ass dumped. More of the same from Sissie and Brent. We're through the looking glass, here, people.

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Looking for Love




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