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The Sum of All Tears

Cecile and Terry's date consists of sightseeing around an old Russian fishing village. We watch as Terry explains that the entire village's economy is reliant on fishing. "I like that you know that. That's so cool," says Cecile, whatever that means. In an interview, she gushes about her "guided tour" and how awesome it was and how much more outgoing Terry is than Tim and I would warn her to check her enthusiasm a bit just in case this guy tries to stick his tongue down her throat. We watch the two of them flirt in the snow in a scene right out of some "Alive With Pleasure!" cigarette ad. Then they practise their moose calls and I guess this is supposed to be cute. And then they each just go on in interviews about how much fun they had and Cecile says she'll wait and see how things go before she kicks Tim to the curb.

Back at the Northern Light, the Morons on Ice are still playing pool and Jason is still wearing that stupid toque. In an interview, Tim says (over shots of him reading a book) that he has to have a conversation with Cecile about where he's "at" and he reveals that he's not attracted to her! Gasp! Dum dum dum! He sees her as a "friend," not as a "companion"! Horrors! Maybe the cameraman could zoom in on Tim's face as he drops this bombshell, so that this show becomes even more of a soap opera...there you go.

Commercials. Hey, Jared at Subway? SHUT UP. You too, Mr. Strangely Cynical Subway Spokesman Who's Not Jared.

The Northern Light. Men on Ice are back in play. Cecile comes in wearing this sleeveless fur vest thing, and I don't understand why you would wear this really furry, shaggy vest thing while leaving your arms exposed, but everyone -- well, the women, anyway -- start going "woooo!" at her; I mean, it's just a stupid vest. Tim says, "Back to the Flintstones," so I guess he saw Rebekah's stegosaurus spine again. In an interview, Tim says things with Cecile are moving too fast for him: "The bottom line is I'm not all that attracted to her." More shots of the women feeling up Cecile's vest. The men keep on playing darts, like, don't bother hanging out with your potential wives, there, guys. In an interview, Brent says Tim told him he was a little "leery" of the whole thing and doesn't want to go on. We watch Tim hug Cecile as Rebekah starts cranking up the pressure, saying, "Doesn't she look great?" and Tim says, "She looks wonderful," and Rebekah says, "She's a hottie! Schwing!" like SHUT UP REBEKAH and who even says "schwing!" anymore anyway? In an interview, Rebekah says Tim told her that he's been lying to Cecile. Is there anyone Tim hasn't told? I mean, besides Cecile? Rebekah says she told Tim he needs to tell Cecile, because, after all, who better to give advice about being honest with your partner than "I adore you all!" Rebekah here.

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Looking for Love




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