Looking for Love
Rebekah's Recent Rejects Return To Roost

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Oh god, not the surveillance cam. Kristian's waiting under the covers and calls out that he had a hard time getting her to come to bed. Meanwhile, she's still by the bathroom doing whatever. When she finally comes to bed, Kristian makes his move, but Andrea says that they should just go to sleep. "I'm just worried about becoming too attached to you," she says. Looks like you caught that just in time, Andrea! So Kristian gets up to leave, and I can't say I blame him. Andrea certainly blames him. In an interview, she says, "I was a little miffed because he just kind of left." Sorry. Kristian's an ass, but he's been upfront with her. Repeatedly. And when you tell a guy you don't want to get too attached to him, you can't complain when he leaves. How else are you not going to get more attached? Andrea ventures, "I don't believe that we are going to end up being like Sissie and Brent." That loud noise you heard was me smacking my forehead.

Meanwhile, back at the Northern Light, Rebekah is leaving Jason with the other men so that they can do their male-bonding things. Naturally, she has to blow kisses to all the other guys and talk about how cool it is they're all here. Dorky Earmuffs, looking a little drunk, exaggeratedly blows kisses right back, in case we all forgot what a tool he is. Anyway, the male bonding is more pointless than I have words for, as Keith leads the men in a traditional Alaskan folk song. Keith and Patrick blah blah about Andrea a little, with Keith saying he figured he had the best chance with Andrea and Patrick admitting he has no clue what she's thinking. "If I knew what women thought I'd be a pretty rich man."


The next morning, it's a chilly –5° F and we're back at the stupid axe-throwing range for this week's competition, which Santagati calls "one final super-competition." Oh, and there's a twist: "Ladies, the competitors are you!" he says, and he does, of course, the two-handed finger point, but he actually reaches behind his back before flinging his arms towards the bachelorettes. He explains that the women are competing for first choice among the men they've ALREADY REJECTED ONCE, for a second Man on Ice. Santagati explains that there are three events in the final competition, and the winner of each gets $1,000, while the overall winner gets first pick for her second Man on Ice, who, remember, has already been booted off the show. Some prize.

The first event is the stupid axe toss, which the men did in the first episode. Rebekah goes first, and lands an axe in an outer ring. Up next is Karen, who unsurprisingly can't even get the axe all the way to the target. Cecile -- who might have done better if New Tim's picture were pinned to the bull's-eye -- plants the axe in the outer ring. Andrea manages to catch an inner ring. In an interview, Andrea tells us she managed to "get lucky" and at least "hit the target." Gee, thanks for that revealing insight! Sissie's up next, and some dramatic, stirring music starts playing. Her axe appears to be closer than Andrea's, and she starts cheering, but the measurement reveals that Andrea is closer by an eighth of an inch, which I'm sure prompted Sissie to tell the other bachelorettes she didn't want to win because she loves Brent so very, very much. The $1,000 added to Andrea's dowry brings it up to $10,000.

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Looking for Love




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