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Rebekah's Recent Rejects Return To Roost

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And now the women in their interviews start whining about swollen fingers and broken nails. Karen actually says one of the fish bit her. Uh, Karen? Yeah, um, in addition to being heavy, cold, slimy, disgusting and stinky, they're also dead, so I don't think it bit you.

Anyway, Andrea wins the fish-off, meaning she gets first pick for her second Man on Ice. "Who's it going to be?" voices-over Santagati as the music crescendos and we go to commercial because the show is trying really hard to make this suspenseful.

Okay, let's get this over with. Santagati calls Andrea over to make her selection. She walks up and down the ranks of men, pausing to look at Patrick, who's wearing a great Canadian toque with "Ottawa" written on it. As she looks at him, he stiffens as though it's a military inspection, making her giggle. In an interview, she says that part of her would love to have Patrick back: "Things just really clicked between us," she explains, adding that Patrick's a really good guy. However, she picks Keith, who says in an interview, "It felt good because we didn't have that initial connection." Andrea: "I picked him because he's well-mannered, considerate...just somebody I'd be very comfortable with." Notice one of her reasons was that Keith's "well-mannered," whereas when Patrick couldn't stop belching, she likewise said that was a good thing because it showed he was comfortable with her. In an interview, Patrick (who has unfortunately earned the on-screen distinction of being "twice rejected by Andrea") theorizes that she eliminated him since then she'd have to face the tough Kristian/Patrick dilemma again.

Now we get this incredibly convoluted selection process in which the remaining men are instructed to line up in single file behind the women of their choosing, while Santagati tells the bachelorettes in all seriousness that they cannot look at the men behind them. Uh, why not? Seriously, what would happen, Santagati? Would a woman who looked back be disqualified? Would she turn into a pillar of salt?

Anyway, the men line up. In an interview, Rebekah says that she didn't hear anyone lining up behind her and was worried she was going to be "dissed." Only imagine her saying it in a screechy annoying voice.

Then the ridiculous we're-making-this-up-as-we-go-along nonsense continues, as, instead of just having each woman turn around and pick a guy, Santagati makes her come stand by him, then he calls the men over and makes them line up again, which had me yelling "BLOODY WELL GET ON WITH IT" at the television. The men who chose Karen are Dorky Earmuffs, Patrick, and Mike. Karen says she was pleased with the men who picked her, since Patrick's a lot of fun and she's glad Dorky Earmuffs wasn't mad at her over how terrible their first date was. Then she chooses Mike, who in an interview says "Blah blah beautiful blah blah initial attraction." We never hear from Karen why she picked Mike, if Patrick's such an ass-load of fun.

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Looking for Love




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