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Rebekah's Recent Rejects Return To Roost

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Cecile's next; she was selected by apparent masochists Jim, Jack, and Michael. Shot of Old Tim, who is NOT in her line. In an interview, Cecile says she was "disappointed and disheartened" that Old Tim didn't pick her. She says she would have selected him. I can't even speak. Cecile says, "I thought there were some things I had left unsaid." You know, Cecile is just as psycho as New Tim. She just gets away with it because she's cute. Why would she at all expect Old Tim to select her? What is wrong with her? She picks Michael, who says it was "great" and made him forget how cold his toes were. Yeah, abject fear will do that to you. Again, no explanation from Cecile why she chose Michael. In an interview, Old Tim says he lined up behind Rebekah because no one else had at that point. Also, "Cecile had already decided to bring me back, and I'm not sure what that was all about. I wanted to leave and get away from her at that point in time."

Rebekah's lineup consists of Brad, Troy, and Old Tim. "Timmy!" squeals Rebekah. No explanation. In an interview, Andrea says, "Cecile wanted Tim back, and he didn't stand in her line!" as the few remaining people still watching this garbage yelled, "WHY WOULD HE?" in unison. Will offers the theory that maybe Rebekah felt a spark with Old Tim (as if) or just picked him because he had been Cecile's man (ding ding ding!).

That leaves Sissie to choose from Thaddeus, New Tim, Bob, Jeff, and Terry. Sissie says she was impressed that five guys picked her, since they all know she was with Brent. So she picks Thaddeus, probably assuming that a guy in a chain mail vest wouldn't be much of a threat for Brent. In an interview, Thaddeus giggles like a Japanese cartoon character as he explains that he picked Sissie because he liked her and thinks he has a chance.

Santagati then explains the women have forty-eight hours to spend with their Men on Ice. Since he normally says they have a week, I figure maybe the next episode was going to be on Tuesday. Santagati urges the men to spend their time wisely. "Try to convince your lady that you should be their [sic] boyfriend." Yeah. As if anyone other than Brent (who's a sure thing) wants that. I'm sure Kristian's working on his proposal right now. "The next time we're all together will be on Proposal Point," intones Santagati gravely, where each woman will select her final Man on Ice: "The man she'd like to marry."

Next week: Ah, screw it. The women wander around in their wedding dresses and wait for proposals. And Daniel gets his summer back!

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Looking for Love




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