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Then, Andrea starts coughing, having eaten a bone. She gets up to hide out in the kitchen, as someone calls after her, in a child's voice, "I don't wanna eat it!" Many clips of Kristian looking extremely unconcerned, but I don't think that means anything. You have to figure he's seen her choke on many a bone. When she returns, she gets a round of applause. Bob asks her if she needs mouth-to-mouth or anything. She jokes with him for a moment but you can tell she's a little annoyed and we quickly learn why, as she talks to Sissie: "You know Brent would have been there in a minute," she says. Sissie nods. Andrea points Kristian's way. "He didn't even move," she says. Hey, Andrea, do you think it's possible Kristian doesn't really care all that much about you? Do you think that's a possibility? "He didn't move. That says a lot," she says. Andrea, KRISTIAN has said a lot. In actual words! To anyone who'll listen! In an interview, a rather unrepentant Kristian says he was concerned about Andrea but didn't feel he had to jump up since there were lots of people around. The ever-thoughtful Patrick scoots up to the table and cuts Andrea's food into smaller pieces for her, which I'm sure she appreciated. Meanwhile, Karen stares at Patrick's ass.

At one end of the table, noted privacy advocates Cecile and Rebekah gab about how cool it is that all the guys are looking at them, at least until Rebekah points out that Cecile's old buddy New Tim has been watching them all through dinner. And, sure enough, we're treated to several shots of New Tim staring at them. "I think he's still bitter," says Cecile in an interview, and she adds that New Tim started making fun of Will, asking him if he was going to do another sportscast (since that was the format Will used for his plea to Cecile). Since New Tim opened the door, Will lets fly with, "Hey, Tim, how's the view from the bench?" drawing big laughs. New Tim sits there trying to appear stoic, except you know he's searching for a witty rejoinder -- one that will make feel like the hero of a Russian novel and cause Cecile to ditch Will and drop to her knees in front of New Tim. However, he stammers out, "I'm sure you, I'm sure you can think beyond one-liners, can't you?" Good one, Tim. I liked how you used one line to slam Will's one-liners. I didn't think Alaska had any tumbleweeds, but there go a couple as absolutely no one laughs at New Tim's comeback. Meanwhile, some extremely bad editing -- even for this crap show -- keeps moving Thaddeus from New Tim's right to his left and back again. I might not have even noticed were it not for Thaddeus's Charlie Brown head and what he's wearing. I tend not to get a whole lot into detail in my recaps about what people are wearing, unless attention is called to it, because I tend not to notice. If I notice what you are wearing, it means either (a) there is cleavage involved (see also: nipples); or (b) you are wearing something really strange. Thaddeus -- obviously, I hope -- falls into category (b). He's wearing some sort of chain mail vest, I kid you not. Then Tim -- acting way too tough for a guy with blue glasses and a ponytail -- says, "Ah, I gotta teach this guy some class." That's one line, you know, Tim.

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Looking for Love




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