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Slow-motion shot of Sissie walking away and then a shot of a moose eating, and some wacky Northern Exposure-esque music starts up. Whatever.

Okay, I thought Cecile's sour grapes last episode were bad, but I was not prepared for Sissie, who pops into I think Karen's cabin to tell the other women (and she says this in an interview) that her strategy was working -- that she purposely didn't want to get picked, and so put on extra layers of clothes and went for the Swiss Miss look (hair in two braids) and didn't use any "body language" to lead anyone on. Extra layers of clothes? IT'S ALASKA. Body language? I didn't notice her acting anti-social or anything -- it seemed to me she was just as cheerful and giggly as the other women (well, other than Rebekah, who maintains an impossibly high standard in that regard), just as she was last week. I mean, I don't doubt that she's going to cling to Brent until they pry his corpse from her cold, dead fingers, but all she has to do is go "woohoo" and earn a couple of pleas and she can add to her dowry for her wedding to Brent. You go on a date with someone, that's considered leading him on? Finally, it's kind of funny how she brings up her strategy AFTER she gets rejected (you know, just like she got rejected last week) and had to make sure the other women knew she didn't mind not getting picked because she didn't want to get picked. Sissie? Whatever. Go practise your yagga.

Jason and Rebekah's date: day spa. I think I've identified the single most annoying thing said on this show; it's whenever Rebekah says, "I was like, 'yay!'" as she cocks her head and sends her voice up to some pitch only dogs can hear. Then she pretends it was a little uncomfortable just to meet a guy and then an hour later be naked right next to him. I'm so sure, Rebekah. Jason, who I think is all right, says Rebekah enjoyed the spa treatment: "She got all balanced out, I guess. I didn't really understand what was going on, you know?" Heh. Then they make small talk over dinner, and they seem to hit it off as well as can be expected for people with cameras constantly trained on them. Rebekah annoyingly blah blahs that she experimented with dating actor-models for a while. Who else but Rebekah would actually say, "I think I'll date actor-models for a while," which she says was a big mistake, since they're just "pretty boys" and nothing else, which is screamingly funny coming from Rebekah. My respect for Jason grows as he says Rebekah seems, "hard to please, you know?" Then we get this weird dialogue between the two of them as they discuss whether the date is going well and how hard it is to tell, and it was also filmed oddly, like with a hand-held camera through a doorway or something, like Rebekah and Jason tried to get away from the cameras. Anyway, they both say they're enjoying themselves and then in a clip obviously edited in from another part of the conversation, Jason says, "I definitely think you're a beautiful girl," so I guess he figured out what pleases Rebekah.

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