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Commercials. I think it's sad that we'll remember the late, great Tito Puente for being used in an annoying Dr Pepper commercial. And not, you know, for being that guy who was going to be Springfield Elementary's music teacher until Mr. Burns stole all the oil.

2 PM. Cecile and Jeff return. They walk to Cecile's cabin and giggle and stuff, then Cecile hugs him good night. She goes inside, and Tim has a surprise waiting: wine and unattended lit candles ready to burn down a huge swath of the Alaskan wilderness. He left a note for her in which he misspells her name as "Cicile," but she still thinks it was a nice move and I have to hand it to him. However, he might want to think about learning how to spell her name. In an interview, he explains that the note tells her that he's enjoyed the time with her so far, and he hopes she's enjoyed it too, and he appears to have scored major points with her. In an interview, she says it's nice that he was making more of an effort, and reveals that she was joking with Andrea that if he didn't make a move, he was out of there. She goes on to explain that a lot of women want men to make a move, which is true enough, but if we're going to persist with this illusion that the women are in charge here, you'd think they'd have edited out Cecile blah blahing about "waiting" for men. I mean, really.

Cecile goes over to Rebekah's cabin, where Rebekah is -- surprise surprise -- working on herself in the mirror, despite spending the entire day getting her tires rotated at a spa, for crying out loud. Cecile says that Jeff tried to "maul" her and "totally stuck his tongue down [her] throat." Rebekah freaks out, but I don't buy it for a second; we never saw what happened, we only saw Cecile rather enjoying Jeff massaging her, and at the end of the date, she hugged him rather happily for a woman who had supposedly just been assaulted by him.

8:30 PM. Men on Ice are back in play. The women greet the Men on Ice, who are still playing pool, and Tim reaps the benefits of his little fire hazard display as Cecile hugs him and says he's sweet. Andrea says they only have half an hour to eat, whatever that means, so they'd better get at it. That's perfectly understandable, what with dinner being her favourite food and everything. Did I mention she's wearing an annoying cowboy hat? Because she is.

Jack and Kurt explain for us the complexities of adding new men to the group, which amount to...well, new men added to the group. In an interview, Jack says that Jason and Rebekah seem to have hit it off. In an interview, the seldom-heard-from Kurt says that Jack won't go down without a fight, like they're mountain goats butting heads instead of morons reciting lame poetry. Speaking of poetry, Michael scores major points by quoting Browning as he leads a toast: "A kiss from a woman, and to hell with the rest" as the rest of the idiots cheer and pretend to know who Browning is. I mean I was kind of surprised that Cecile didn't whisper to Rebekah that that Browning guy totally stuck his tongue down her throat.

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