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Santagati asks Sissie and Karen if they want to pick a new man from the guys who are left. Sissie even goes so far as to make this annoying "talk to the hand" gesture, because, oh, that's right, she doesn't want to have her pick of the men because she loves Brent so much, even though the POINT OF THE SHOW is to have this vast selection and it was just last episode where Sissie was all gleefully rubbing her hands together and saying, "Let the games begin!" As for Karen...well, I seriously think Karen's drugged. She looks like she doesn't even know where she is.

The couples gather, the losers are banished, and Steve tells the "lucky" men that they have another week to get to know their potential wives, which I don’t think is true, since it doesn't appear that it's an actual week between episodes. Why am I analyzing this?

Next week: horseback riding! Tim feels pressure! Kristian repeats his blah blah about not seeing a long-term thing with Andrea! But they have sex anyway! Cecile is livid about something! And also she swears! Rebekah says, "My heart dropped!" Daniel calls in sick since he can't take this!

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Looking for Love




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