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Apparently we need another interview wherein Rebekah calls Kurt a "hottie," like, we get it, Rebekah has designs on all the men, thank you.

Now the rest of the women engage in speculation about Karen's age, since she apparently wouldn't tell them. Then we get Rebekah explaining that a lot of women in their thirties are secretive about their ages. Then, for some reason, Rebekah feels compelled to tell us that she's not a woman in her thirties who's secretive about her age: "I'm not, 'cause I'm still like, 'Hey, I'm twenty-seven, I'm loving it.'" Let's let that sink in. Rebekah just said she's not secretive about being in her thirties because she's actually only twenty-seven. File this in the same category as when she felt it necessary to tell us how "real" she is. Kurt for some reason blah blahs that it's all about being attractive on the inside because you'll only be attractive on the outside for a certain length of time. If I were dating Karen, though, I'm sure I'd consider "measurable brainwave activity" to have some sort of importance as well.

Sissie, in her sled, says something about how nice it is that she gets to sit on her ass while Brent does all the work, like, here's your drinking game: drink every time a woman on this show sees some meaningless detail as evidence of how "in charge" they are of this travesty. Okay, I will ignore anything Sissie says in her interviews as long as she is wearing that stupid beret.

Brent says that, for a long time, he thought he was going to be alone for the rest of his life, because he was with someone for so long. I think he means that, after he got divorced, the fact that he was in a long-term relationship for so long meant...I can't quite get it. But Brent's kind of like your buddy who can't see that his weird girlfriend is like a succubus draining all the life out of him.

Sissie. Beret. Moving on. Oh, wait, I can't. I mean, she does her Joker grin again and giggles and calls Brent a "hunk of burning love" again. Does she think that's cute or something? Sissie scares the hell out of me. Mercifully, the dogsledding is over, though, and all these idiots shut up for a damn minute or two and we just watch them walk along a beach. Even in Alaska, we have to get cheesy beach-at-sunset scenes.

Back at the Northern Light, 10:30 PM, everybody sits and relaxes. In an interview, Cecile says it's too early to tell how things are going with Tim, but that she's definitely interested because she thinks he's adorable. Karen and Andrea chat on the couch. Kristian swings by on his way to the bar and asks if he can get them anything. Cecile says that Tim's getting her something and Andrea says Tim's getting her something as well, so Kristian says "cool" and saunters off. Karen then annoyingly says something like, "When you say jump, he says 'how high?'" (drink!) and I hate to break it to her that Kristian was not ordered to do anything; he was being considerate, which is NORMAL behaviour in healthy relationships, platonic or intimate, and basic courtesy is proof neither (a) that the guy is either a saint or a slave, nor (b) that the women are in charge and finally, maybe somebody should clue these dingbats in to the fact that in a normal, functional relationship, no one is "in charge." Christ!

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