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In an interview, Karen says she told Cecile she thinks Tim is "profoundly shy," and I suppose just because the guy isn't willing to have sex on camera like Andrea, if we believe the teasers from last week, that qualifies him as "shy." We see Tim at the bar, and he gets his wallet out to pay for the drinks! How cheap is FOX, anyway? In an interview, Cecile says she's unsure about finding out how Tim feels, since he might just want to be friends. Yawn. No one in history has ever gone through this, I guess. At the lodge, Karen asks if she's getting any "vibe," and Cecile says sometimes she thinks she is and sometimes she thinks she isn't and then wonders if she's being stupid and juvenile about the whole thing and I think I know the answer. Karen says "Cutie-Patootie," possibly trying to out-juvenile Cecile. In an interview, Tim says he's not sure what kind of relationship he'll wind up having with Cecile. Since we know Cecile's going to be hanging out in a wedding dress at the end of the series, he'd better figure it out quickly.

Ooh, slow it down. Little slow-mo of burning fire. In Cecile's cabin, Cecile is running her hand over Tim's practically bald head. In interviews, they both vaguely allude to wanting the other to make a move, but neither does, making them the Waiting For Godot couple, I guess. Shot of Karen and Kurt kissing goodnight, Sissie and Brent snuggling, Andrea and Kristian kissing, Rebekah preening in front of the mirror, Andrea and Kristian full-on making out, and I barely finished dry-heaving in time to see Cecile settle into bed all by her lonesome. Sigh-a-lent night. I said, sigh-a-lent night.

Commercials. We get that scary "buying pot=helping Osama bin Laden" commercial which, to me, actually strengthens the argument for legalizing drugs. Who knew Bush was so progressive?

Day seven. 9 AM. Overhead shot of the Northern Light that shows that all the snow is melting which is I guess why they stop bothering with the temperature updates. It's the return of Santagati, who's barely on the screen five seconds before he has to be dubbed in explaining the very complicated Challenger aspect of the program, telling the Men on Ice that the new men are ready to "whisk your ladies away."

Out comes Michael, a stocky, thirty-two-year-old high school English teacher. 6'2", blue eyes, his hobbies are theatre and poker. Heh! I'm sorry, but anyone reading this should know that whenever someone mentions poker, my automatic response is "Poker? I hardly know 'er!" and if you don't find that hysterical, we seriously could not be friends. Good for Michael for having hobbies different from all the stereotypically outdoorsy ones so far, like Kristian's ice-climbing nonsense that I am still annoyed about. Also good for Michael for being the first to admit there's a physical aspect to attraction, because in addition to someone "spontaneous" and who loves to travel, he's "a sucker for a smooth pair of legs." Okay, that was kind of odd.

Next up is Jeffrey, known as The Guy With No Sideburns, because he has none, like not even the little stubby ones most people have where your hair kind of hooks over your ears. He's thirty-seven, and a pilot for a major airline. 5'11", blue eyes, his hobbies are mountain biking and running. He says that if he hits it off with a woman on this show, he has no trouble asking her to marry him, 'cause he's "not gettin' any younger here," which is maybe a reason he should keep to himself should he actually get to propose to someone on this show, as if.

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