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You know what? This "woman as prize" portion of the show is even worse than last week. Not only is this the part where the non-in-control-actuality of this show most in evidence, but while last week the winner was a kind-of-scary guy sizing up and choosing a woman based just on looks and how loudly she cheered for him, this week it's a kind-of-scary guy with FISH SLIME ALL OVER HIM sizing up and choosing a woman based solely on looks and how loudly she cheered for him.

Jeff doesn't even say a word. He picks Cecile, bringing her dowry up to $7,000. She looks really happy about it, and in an interview she says, "My jaw dropped when he walked up to me and stood there," because she'd initially thought he'd passed her over. Could someone on this show demonstrate some self-esteem for once?

Now the remaining women pick -- Andrea and Karen both choose Patrick, while Rebekah and Sissie both choose Jason. I felt so bad for Michael, who at least keeps smiling about it. So Patrick chooses Andrea over Karen. In an interview, Kristian says he's not worried about Patrick making a connection with Andrea. "If he does, great," he says, because women dig nothing in men more than nonchalance.

Karen now gets to pick again, and she picks Michael: "I know, how 'bout you!" she says in a babyish voice that is incredibly unattractive coming from a woman in her mid-thirties. I have a couple of theories on why she picked Michael over Jason: (a) since no one else picked him, she was assured of not being dateless, or (b) she figured that if things worked out between the two of them, she could always hit on Michael's English students.

Then Santagati asks Jason whether he wants Rebekah or Sissie: "Both," he says, prompting giggles from both women. Then he checks each of them out again, which I thought was funny for some reason. Then he chooses Rebekah after saying he doesn't hold it against either one of them they didn't choose him on the glacier before.

In an interview, Jack says he thought Jason might be competition for Rebekah since they're both outgoing, and I want to feel sorry for Jack, but after his stupid poem, I just can't.

So: Santagati banishes Sissie to her cabin and reminds her that she is to have no contact with the Men on Ice; he sends the new couples on their dates and tells the Men on Ice that they have no choice but to wait and wonder if they've lost their women forever. You know, you can show me all the clips you want of these idiots looking glum, but I fail to see the drama when these people haven't even known each other a week and perhaps if they're actually attached enough that they're willing to marry people who are practically strangers, here's another clue as to why their relationships never work out.

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