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Night 33. The contestants return to camp. Parvati goes off with Sandra as Rupert interviews that the last Tribal Council was "wonderful" for him and his chances of winning just keep getting better. Yes, they've gone from one in a million to one in 999,999. Except that now that he just said that, he'll be going home tonight. So his chances of winning are actually zero. Parvati talks to Jerri, who tells her that she voted for Danielle because Li'l Russell threatened to vote her out next if she didn't do as he said. Which makes me think that Li'l Russell didn't convince people to vote for Danielle at the last moment like Probst and the editing lead us to believe, but that was the plan before Tribal Council even started. "Now we gotta get rid of Rupert and Colby," Jerri says. Idiot. Parvati points out that they could have gotten rid of Rupert already if Jerri hadn't just voted for Danielle. "If those two guys make it to the end, Jerri, they're winning," Parvati says. Jerri nods as if she understands this concept, even though she clearly does not. As Li'l Russell walks up to them, Parvati interviews that Li'l Russell got rid of Danielle because he was jealous of her relationship with Parvati and wanted to make sure that Parvati was closer to him than anyone else. Now she doesn't trust him at all, but says she has to be nice to him so they'll be able to get rid of Rupert and Colby. Li'l Russell tells us that voting out Danielle somehow saved him in the game. I love how he thinks that he's still in this game because of how awesome his playing is and not because everyone wants to take him to the Final 3 because he has no chance of winning. That's how Natalie won last season, and it's how someone who isn't Li'l Russell will win this season. Parvati tells Li'l Russell that the events at Tribal surprised her and she just wants to make sure they're still solid and no one's going to take her out next. Li'l Russell interviews that with Parvati so worried about being the next to go, he thinks her main alliance was with Danielle after all, and that worries him. But isn't that what he said before the vote? That he was going to get rid of Danielle to scare Parvati into his arms? And now that he's accomplished that (or so he thinks), he's concerned?

The next morning, a fly buzzes around Colby's face until it drops out of the sky, bored to death. Li'l Russell, Rupert and Parvati walk up to camp with the latest treemail and scream about it, waking everyone else up. Colby opens a box with a Verizon logo on it to find a phone inside. Everyone knows the loved ones reward challenge must be next. Unfortunately, they have to navigate through like 50 different apps on the phone before they can see videos of their loved ones. Colby's brother is up first. What, his mom couldn't make it this time? I'm almost disappointed. Almost. Parvati's dad is next, then Sandra's uncle. She's surprised to see him. I'd be, too. I know her husband can't make it out there, but she doesn't have a sibling or a parent who can be there? Or maybe when the producers asked them to come out they all pulled a Sandra and said "no way, go fuck yourself." And oops! There's Li'l Russell's wife! I can't wait to see what she thinks of Parvati. A woman who has to be Jerri's sister is next and finally, there's Rupert's wife. He says he can't wait to "maybe touch [his] wife." Oh, no. Please don't. Not like last time.

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