A Tale Of Two Cities

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Jack On Crack

But it's a short flashback. Island Jack snaps awake, lying on some metal bench or shelf in a dimly lit room. There are chains hanging from the ceiling. He sits up, rubs his head, and tries to get his bearings, looking like he doesn't recognize this room. On his left arm is a bandage over a cotton ball, like the nurse gives you after she's given you a needle. Jack tries the door; it's locked. There's also a decrepit intercom on the wall. He tries pushing the button, but there's no sign that the thing has worked even in years. On the far side of the room, he spots a door that's slightly ajar, and he makes for it, only to run smack-dab into... an invisible force-field! No shit! Oh. It's just the glass. How prosaic. Really clean glass down here in this dingy Splinter Cell-esque location. If we look closely enough, we can see the seams. Jack tries kicking it a few times, to no avail. Then he starts yelling for Kate. Not Sawyer.

Kate is elsewhere, groggily waking up in what seems to be a locker-room shower. Standing nearby is Zeke. He's beardless, and dressed more like a retired traveler, in khakis. All he needs is a Tilley hat. "Rise and shine, Kate," he says. She asks where she is. "You don't really think I'm going to answer that, do you?" he says. So she tries asking where Sawyer and Jack are, like that's going to work. Zeke just suggests she take a shower -- he's got a towel and soap and shampoo for her. She snarls that she's not going to shower in front of him, which sets him chuckling. "You're not my type," he says. There's some debate over whether, by "you," Zeke means, "you people with vaginas," which I have to admit was my initial response. Mainly because... well, damn. It's Kate! He leaves, and she briefly looks a little chagrined that her feminine wiles have no effect on Zeke whatsoever. Or maybe he brought the wrong shampoo for her hair type. Too bad she's not going to be able to manipulate him like she does Jack and Sawyer. And she too rips off a bandage-and-cottonball on her arm.

So that leaves just Sawyer, who wakes up outdoors in some sort of cage. He looks around, at the building and Dharma logo-stamped canopy and P.A. speakers -- it looks very much like an abandoned zoo. Across from Sawyer is another cage, with someone sitting in it, his back to Sawyer. "Hey!" Sawyer hisses. "Where are we?" There's no response, so he snarls something sarcastic about the other guy not talking because he's got something better to do. Sawyer's been awake twenty seconds and has already managed to alienate the only other person around.

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