A Tale Of Two Cities

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Jack On Crack

So he looks around his cage, and sees a large red button with a graphic of a knife and fork on it, over top of a little chute and a pipe, for water presumably. Nearby is some sort of foot pedal underneath some kind of lever. Sawyer puts on his best stink-eye and pushes the red button. No food comes out, but from a speaker above the button a recorded voice says "warning." Scowling, he tries again. This time a buzzer sounds in addition to the "warning." Displaying less learned behaviour than Pavlov's dogs, Sawyer's all set to push the button again, when the dude in the other cage says, "I wouldn't do that." "Want your advice I'll ask for it," snarls Sawyer, who pushes the button and is zapped with a shock powerful enough to send him flying backwards, smacking into the bars. I like the new season already! "Son of a bitch!" he yells, writhing on the ground, earning a "told you" from the other guy. Don't take it personally, guy. He never listens to anybody.

Back in Jack's prison, Jack decides to yank one of the chains hanging from the ceiling, which looks to be run through some sort of pulley system. He heaves on it as hard as he can, but it doesn't do anything except make a whole lot of noise. I guess he figures that that's better than nothing, because he keeps yanking, until someone tells him to stop it. On the other side of the force-field (I can still pretend) enters the Stephen King fan. "Hi, Jack. I'm Juliet." So "I'm Juliet" is the act break, huh? Maybe if we keep watching we'll find out her last name!

When we come back, Flashjack is checking in with a receptionist at some office. Sarah's already there, on a couch behind him. "Where's your lawyer?" she asks, and Jack just says, "You look pretty," as he strolls over and sits down, so you know things are going to go well. She ignores the compliment and asks again about his lawyer. Jack says he fired his lawyer. Then he begins apologizing for pushing them to this place. But he's interrupted by Sarah's cell phone ringing, because she's one of those people who have that disease wherein they can't locate the fucking OFF BUTTON on their cell phones, and another symptom of this disease is that they have to answer the cell phones instead of pushing the ignore button. Like Sarah is lacking the thought process wherein a normal person might say, "You know what? During the divorce proceedings, I will not rudely answer a cell phone call FROM MY NEW BOYFRIEND."

So naturally after she's done giggling on the phone with her new man, Jack's not in quite so conciliatory a mood, especially as she sits back down and starts to say, "Jack, I'm going to say this as simply as I can... " and Jack interrupts her to say, "What's his name?" She tells him to stop, and he says he won't, and he's going to keep asking that until she tells him. "Look, you can have everything -- the cars, the house -- I don't care. I just want to know the name of the man that is with my wife." He'll give her the house and the cars for that? Firing his lawyer was a bad idea. Sarah stares at him, but doesn't say anything, just gets up and leaves instead of taking the deal.

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