A Tale Of Two Cities

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Jack On Crack

Back on the island, Jack is still standing on the table and yanking on the chain for god knows what reason. He's like a three-year-old who's just been told that he will not, in fact, be going to Chuck E. Cheese's tonight. Juliet turns up the volume on the sound board -- is the other room soundproof? -- and asks if Jack can hear her. He just keeps yanking on the chain. "Where are my friends?" Juliet tells him to come down from the table first. Jack's all "make me" and yells again for her to tell him where his friends are. Jack, use your indoor voice! "I will, if you let go of the chain," she says. "You think I'm stupid!" says Jack, who, in Juliet's defense, isn't really doing a whole lot to disprove that idea. "I don't think you're stupid, Jack. I think you're stubborn," says Juliet, as if the two are mutually exclusive. As if to prove that he can be both, Jack starts yanking on the chain again.

Kate is still showering, and must have used up all of Craphole Island's hot water by now. With a towel wrapped around her, she pads over to the locker where she left her clothes, only they're not there anymore. I understand the plan is to have Kate in a towel all season long. It could happen! "Hey! Where are my clothes?" she yells. No one answers. But on a nearby locker is a piece of masking tape that says "WEAR THIS" and you should always listen to masking tape. Inside is a sundress with a floral print. She puts it on and admires herself in the mirror...instead of maybe looking around to see if she can't, you know, escape? At any rate, Zeke is right there whistling at her, like I guess in addition to everything else, the Others are also sexist pigs, even the gay ones. But she does clean up nice. She crosses her arms and glares at him. "Come on, Kate. He's waiting."

Zeke and three armed Others walk Kate outside and down some steps to a covered walkway, and then down to a nearby beach where Henry -- I mean "Ben" -- sits under a thatch-roof hut at a table set for breakfast. Kate briefly looks surprised to see him for some reason, but then puts her mad face back on. Ben pulls out a chair for her to sit on, which she does, noticing a pair of handcuffs on the table. "Sorry, I'm going to have to ask you to put those on, Kate," says Ben. Well, she's got experience, so I'm sure it'll be no problem. "And if I don't?" growls Kate. "Then you don't get any coffee," pouts Ben, pushing down on the French press coffee thingamawhatsit. Kate apparently really wants coffee, as she puts the cuffs on. "A little tighter," prompts Gale. Kate glares at him, but she complies. Ben still has those ouchy looking cuts on his lower lip. He needs some Polysporin action for that, get them healed right up.

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