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Shannon's death, take two

So up the hill they go, passing Sawyer in a cello-accompanied portage up the hillside. Even Ana-Lucia helps, and they presently make the summit and pause to rest. Only, where's Cindy? Beats me, she was just here, wasn't she? They call her name, look over the hillside. Libby wonders if "they" took her. Ana-Lucia says she's going after Cindy. Eko tries to stop her, and Ana-Lucia gives him a faceful of "this is your fault" and "this one's on you," and Eko knows she's got a point. "You risked our lives to save him. He's already dead."

And then, the whispering starts. Everyone hears it. "What the hell is that?" asks Michael. A terrified Libby says, "Oh god!" and Ana-Lucia yells, "Run!" And we break for commercial.

So Shannon's packing her things up in boxes. I'm going to presume she got evicted. Boone strolls in through the open door, and flips around a chair so he can sit backwards on it. They exchange "hey"s and then are silent for a moment. Shannon finally looks at him. "She said no," says Boone. "I guess she knew why I asked for the money." Boone and Shannon must think Cruella is as dumb as they are. Shannon asks if she can crash at his place in New York until she gets on her feet, as though Boone wouldn't mind if she were off her feet for a good long while. But as Joey Tribbiani would say, it's a moo point, because he's leaving New York. "She offered me a job," he says. Is it me, or is it weird the way he keeps referring to his mom as "she" and "her" and never "my mom"? Shannon can't believe that he's going to work for his mother. "It's a really good job, Shannon," he says. He looks mildly embarrassed, although I can't imagine why he needs to apologize to Shannon for going into the family business. He withdraws an envelope from his back pocket, and says this is all he has right now. But then his trust fund "kicks in" at the end of the month, and then he'll "absolutely" be able to keep her afloat. She thanks him, but says she'll figure out a way to make her own money. "But who knows when that's going to be?" says Boone. We do! Never! He implores her to take the money, which she takes to mean that he doesn't believe in her. So even her FLASHBACKS now are the same old plotline of nobody believing Shannon can do anything.

And she spazzes, and tells him to take his money and go work for his mom. I have to confess that I'm somewhat confused here; she's willing to take money from her arch-enemy Cruella, even goes so far as to enlist the aid of her stepbrother to try to trick Cruella out of money -- but she won't accept the help of the relative who actually cares about her? The stepbrother who she then goes on to con out of thousands of dollars, apparently several times? And we're all supposed to sympathize with Shannon in this, the eleventh hour, and forgive her behaviour because her stepmom hated her and Daddy didn't leave her a trust fund? Thanks for the invitation to the pity party, but I have other plans. As Boone leaves, Shannon makes this really tortured face like she's really sorry for going off on him, or she's feeling ultra-sorry for herself. Given the series up till now, I'm going with the latter.

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