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Shannon's death, take two

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, the Ana-Lucia crew is resting in the jungle darkness. Cindy risks a beating by telling Ana-Lucia that it's been an hour and they should get moving again. Ana-Lucia gruffly responds to let 'em rest a little longer. She herself does not need rest, for she is Ana-Lucia, Sneering Warrior-Woman. Cindy's all worried about the Others showing up, and Ana-Lucia has no answer to that, other than her perpetual scowl. Sawyer offers up the theory that she's lost, and you'll never believe this, but she snaps at him, and when he asks her which way to go (calling her "Ponce de Leon") her response is ask him which way he'd go. Sawyer wants to wait for Mistereko to come back. "If your friend didn't run off, Eko would still be here, now, wouldn't he? You sure didn't have any problem leaving him behind, though, huh?" Ana-Lucia's going to have to try a whole lot better than that if she's trying to make Sawyer feel bad. He says that Michael only cares about himself and his kid: "Neither's got squat to do with me." And then for some reason Robert Horry is there, and -- no, wait, that's Michael, saying, "Glad you feel this way," and you know, if a guy like Michael, whose preferred form of jungle traversal is yelling and crashing through the bush, can sneak up on the Tailaways like this, it is no wonder that the Others have been kicking their asses since the crash. Sawyer looks at Mike and at least has the decency to appear chagrined. Sawyer says he didn't expect to see Michael again. Maybe that's because you took off in the opposite direction. Jin strolls up now to say a few words in Korean, clearly admonishing Sawyer. "Yeah, yeah, Chewie, I know," sighs Sawyer.

Eko enters the picture, and Ana-Lucia sounds genuinely concerned when she asks if he's okay. He says he is, but they have to leave now, because he saw them. This prompts a flurry of questions from the Tailaways, including this one from Libby: "Did you see the kids?" She's sharply rebuked by Ana-Lucia, like she doesn't want the Tailaways to talk about it, and Eko doesn't answer Libby anyway, just repeats that they have to leave now, so Ana gives the order, and they set out again, Sawyer grunting as he struggles to his feet.

Speaking of grunting, we're back at the Iraqi Love Shack, where Shannon and Sayid are naked and in a post-coital embrace, and I'd just like to point out that by the timer on my VCR it's been about two minutes. While Sayid strokes her hair, Shannon asks if all this means that they're serious now, and I kind of want to know if the writers are serious with this dialogue. "Quite definitely not," deadpans Sayid. True in both cases! "I do this for all the girls I meet on deserted islands." He's kidding, but I hope we get a little more insight into what's happening with Sayid that his whole Nadia thing -- you know, the love he has that served as his driving motivation in both of the Sayid-centric episodes last year? -- seems to have gone by the wayside. Either he's lying to Shannon, which I don't think fits with what we've seen so far in terms of the guy's integrity, or Nadia? He's just not that into you. However, I'm willing to accept that deserted-island sex with a fellow crash survivor is both defensible and wicked awesome. Shannon giggles, then starts to get up for some water. My wife made me promise not to make a joke about what she needs that for. Sayid kisses her forehead and says he'll go for her. He pulls on his pants and zips up and says he'll be right back, and exits the tent, Shannon smiling. She leans back, and then we hear a rustling, and I swear to god the closed-captioning reads "TENT FLAPUSTLES" as the candle behind her blows out. She's startled, but apparently thinks it's Sayid returning, and she says, "That was quick," which is something men always enjoy hearing after sex, but she glances up and sees Walt. Just like the last time she saw him, he's dripping wet. I paused it on Walt, and looks like puberty's hit, because he looks older and leaner. And Shannon screams as he whispers unintelligibly, and it sounds like the first word he says is "swallow," which, um…just how long has he been standing there?

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