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Shannon's death, take two

Class is over, and the little music-box dancers are going home, and the other instructor comes over so she and Shannon can have a good laugh over Papa wanting her to be his "au pair," and Shannon says "au pair my ass," which probably isn't far from what Papa had in mind. And Shannon's friend starts going off in this stereotypical French accent (saying "ze" for "the"), going on about accidentally walking in on her in "ze shower." Shannon's cell phone rings, and how nice of her not to turn it off when she's in the studio. A woman's voice tells her that her father's in the hospital, St. Sebastian's. Shannon will meet her there. St. Sebastian's, eh?

At the hospital, a doctor approaches "Mrs. Rutherford?" as a scowly Jack stomps angrily down the hall. So the doctor suggests talking elsewhere, and elsewhere turns out to mean "strolling down the corridor," as he tells them that Mr. Rutherford was in a head-on collision with an SUV, stopped breathing on the scene, unable to revive, he's dead, the decisions you make will adversely affect your stepdaughter, and she'll wind up manipulative, especially when it comes to your son, ma'am (whom she'll seduce). "May I see him?" says Mrs. Rutherford. Not "may we see him," mind. In fact, the doctor has to ask if Mrs. Rutherford's daughter would like to come too. "Stepdaughter," corrects Mrs. Rutherford. Yes, and the DEAD GUY'S ACTUAL DAUGHTER, Mrs. Rutherford. In order to make Shannon appear to have once been sweet and not self-centred, her foil in tonight's episode naturally has to have all the shades of grey of a Disney cartoon villain. "Come along, Shannon," says Mrs. Rutherford, who's taking the death an awful lot better than Shannon is.

Meanwhile, back on Craphole Island, Ana-Lucia asks Eko how much farther it is to the Lostaways' camp. "A day. Maybe more. Maybe less," he says. Well, that covers it, as Ana-Lucia dryly notes.

Farther down the line, Sawyer collapses, and a concerned Libby asks if he's okay. Sawyer snarls that he is, which is hard to sell when you're falling down every five minutes. She asks to have a look at his shoulder, and he asks if she's a doctor. "Clinical psychologist," she says. On this island, she'll have her appointment calendar full for the rest of the series. Sawyer says maybe she should try talking to his wound. Would he prefer being attended to by Ana-Lucia? ("Sawyer, does your shoulder feel better when I JAM A STICK INTO IT?") Libby asks how he got shot. "By a gun," says Sawyer. And just when you're wondering why anyone wouldn't leave Sawyer behind, Michael tells her Sawyer got shot when Walt was kidnapped. Oh, damn. I forgot about his redeeming qualities. Libby tells him the wound is bad, but not "real bad," and he'll be okay. Sawyer gets back to his feet and they continue.

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