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Shannon's death, take two

Back in the jungle, Jin is helping Sawyer and rebuffing any offers to spell him, from Bernard (awww) and then from Michael. "What, you suddenly give a damn about me?" is how Sawyer responds to Michael. And then he tells both Jin and Sawyer to leave him alone. This proves unwise, because he takes two steps without assistance and then pitches forward onto the ground again. Michael cradles Sawyer's head, while Sawyer struggles to stay conscious. "I would've left you behind," wheezes Sawyer. "Shut up, man. Don't try that." "I did leave you behind," whispers Sawyer. "Yeah, well, good thing I ain't you," says Michael, and they both smile, at least for a moment, until Sawyer passes out.

Libby comes rushing back with some water for him. Michael wants to know what's wrong with him. What isn't wrong with him? He's got an infection, he's dehydrated, he won't shut up… Compassion queen Ana-Lucia wants to keep moving, despite Jin's vigorous protests. "You want to stay, that's fine. But we're rolling out." Bernard is now speaking up for Sawyer, saying that they can't just leave him there. Libby says if they rest, maybe he'll regain consciousness. "Rest? Here? Do you remember what happened to us? What they did to us? You remember Goodwin?" Everyone looks uncomfortable, and Cindy finally speaks up and says that Ana-Lucia's right and they should just keep going. Michael, though, he don't remember Goodwin, and he don't care. He asks Eko to help him make a stretcher. After a moment, Eko nods. And Bernard's helping too. It's a project the whole group can enjoy! "You're going to carry your friend," snarls Ana-Lucia, and Michael's all, damn right we will.

Meanwhile, Sayid is chasing Shannon through the grass as we get yet another storyline in which Shannon has to act all bitchy while she tries to prove someone wrong about her. Maybe it'll actually work one of these times. "Walt is not out here! You're following a Labrador, not a bloodhound, in an effort to find a boy who's on a raft on the middle of the ocean." She says Walt's not out on the ocean, and breaks it to Sayid that they found the bottle. "The bottle with the messages that they brought with them?" says Sayid. Love that sparkling dialogue. "I know he's out here. I saw Walt. And the raft is gone and he's all alone," she says, and keeps going. Sayid follows, looking a little more sympathetic.

Having rigged up a rather impressive-looking stretcher for a still-unconscious Sawyer, the Tailaways now come to a foreboding hill that they're going to have to climb up. Worse luck, we hear the rumble of thunder. The camera pans over the discouraged survivors faces, each of them kind of looking like, "I don't want to be the first one to suggest we leave Sawyer behind."

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