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CJ Cregg Bested By Bai Ling

Rape Caves; 43 A.D.: Adult Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) looks up from the tapestry he's working on to ask CJ: "What do you think?" She's half-heartedly grinding herbs. Her voice is as soft and weak as her movements. "It's very nice, Jacob." Jacob: "Are you all right?" She looks away from him. "I'm just tired." We cut to...

Camp Nameless: Adult Esau (Titus Welliver) is working with the Others, lowering a rope down a well, when he senses someone watching him. He turns to find Jacob, standing off at a distance. We cut to them playing Senet under a makeshift canopy reminiscent of our Losties' beach camp shelters. When Jacob makes his move, Esau says, "Does she know you visit me?" Jacob: "She never asks about you." Mom likes me best! A child in a man's body (and a nice one at that), Esau bleats, "Then, I'm sorry I asked about her." Nyah. He takes his turn at the game, and returns Jacob's smile. "Why do you watch us, Jacob?" Jacob takes the short bus, so his response is halting: "Mmm... I watch because... I want to know if Mother's right." Esau understands. "Oh, you mean my people?" I love it when phrasing is significant like that. "You wanna know if they're bad. That woman may be insane, but she's most definitely right about that." Jacob: "I don't know. They don't seem so bad to me." Esau: "That's easy for you to say -- looking down on us from above. Trust me, I've lived among them for 30 years. They're greedy, manipulative, untrustworthy, and selfish." Man, this is so God and Satan in the Book of Job, isn't it? Except not.

Jacob asks Esau why he's with the people, then. Esau says they're a means to an end. "I'm leaving, Jacob. I've found a way off the island." Jacob says that's impossible; there is no way off. In answer, Esau throws the Dogen dagger across the way. It doesn't land on the ground. Instead, it sticks to the stone wall surrounding the well Esau and his people have been digging. Jacob goes to examine it. He reaches for the dagger, but pulls his hands away when he feels it vibrating. After deciding they're good vibrations, he grabs the dagger again, and pulls it off the well wall. The humming stops.

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