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CJ Cregg Bested By Bai Ling

At that, he grabs his (I AM NOT BEING METAPHORICAL, M'KAY) tool and pokes at a triangular shaped rock, until he works it loose. The warm glow fills the cave. Stop it. I'm over it, okay. The light illuminates a giant wheel, resting against the wall of the chamber. CJ fingers it. "What is that?" Esau: "It's a wheel. We're going to make an opening -- one much bigger than this one. And then, I'm going to attach that wheel to a system we're building -- a system that channels the water and the light. And then I'm gonna turn it. And when I do? I'll finally be able to leave this place." CJ asks how he knows all this and knows that it will work. Esau: "I'm special, Mother." CJ begs him not to go, but Esau insists he must. "I don't belong here." CJ: "Then I suppose this is goodbye." She approaches him with baby steps and finally they embrace. Esau, as moved as CJ is, lays his head on her shoulder. "Goodbye, Mother." She sobs as she caresses the back of his neck, and then, after pulling back to get a good long look at his face, she holds it in her hands. "I am so sorry." Esau's confused -- that is he's confused until she screams and dashes his head against the rock wall. Unconscious, he slides to the chamber floor. A still tearful CJ looms over him. Commercial.

Rape Caves; Night: CJ returns home and wakes Jacob, telling him it's time. We cut to the jungle. She and her torch lead the way. Jacob: "Something happened, didn't it?" CJ: "Yes, I had to say goodbye to your brother." If we're ever at her house, let's slip out unnoticed, yeah? Jacob can't believe she's letting Esau go, but CJ says she doesn't have a choice. "It's what he wants." Mmm-hmm. He wanted to be knocked out, too? She leads him back to the Island's vagina. "Do you remember what I showed you, here?" Jacob: "The light." CJ: "You're going to protect it, now." She then LITERALLY passes the torch to him and takes a seat. Jacob asks, "What's down there?" The porn writes itself. CJ: "Life, death, rebirth. It's the source -- the heart of the island."

When Jacob sits next to her, CJ asks, "Just promise me -- no matter what you do, you won't ever go down there." Jacob asks if he'd die. CJ says it would be a fate worse than death, being pussified like that. Okay, that might be a paraphrase. She then takes out a familiar-looking jug of wine, pops the cork, and as she pours some for him, she incants in Latin. The good people at Lostpedia.com have taken a stab at the Latin in the transcript. I'll touch on that more in the next sidebar. CJ holds out the cup to Jacob: "Here, drink this." Jacob doesn't take it right away. "What happens if I do?" CJ: "You accept the responsibility that you will protect this place for as long as you can. And then -- you'll have to find your replacement." Jacob doesn't want to protect the island, but CJ insists that someone must. Jacob claims not to care, but CJ says her time is over. It has to be him. Jacob: "No, it doesn't. You wanted it to be him, but now I'm all you have." CJ: "It was always supposed to be you, Jacob. I see that, now. And one day, you'll see it, too. Until then, you don't really have a choice. Please, take the cup and drink." After Jacob has done her bidding, she grasps his hands. "Now you and I are the same."

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