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CJ Cregg Bested By Bai Ling

Sidebar 1 of 2: Per the Lostpedia episode transcript, CJ incants the following: "Nam non accipimus hoc quasi vulgarem potionem, sed ut ille sit quasi unus mecum." I pasted that into a Latin-to-English translator, here, and it spat back: "For not to consider oneself indebted this as if common to obtain, but when he he is as if one mecum." Clear as mud. I then separated the last word into "me cum" (rather than "mecum"), because I know "cum" can be rendered as "with" in English. The translator then spat back: "For not to consider oneself indebted this as if common to obtain, but when he he is as if one me when." So, here's my fanwank: "Surely you have not obtained this debt in an ordinary way, but because you and I are one." Confession: I keep trying to figure out if there's any way to render it such that it echoes the prayer in John 17 (particularly verse 11), but I can't get there from here, so there you go.

Sidebar 2 of 2: I've seen a lot of people comparing CJ's "Take the cup" to Jesus' words upon his institution of the Last Supper. The "drink this" certainly echoes the gospel accounts, but her "take the cup" does not. Jesus doesn't tell his disciples to "take" the cup. He takes the cup and tells them to drink (see Matthew; Mark; Luke; and I Corinthians There are references to Jesus asking someone to "take this cup," though. He does so when he is in prayer at Gethsemane and is asking the Father to spare him. I suspect Darlton was actually probably going for the Last Supper reference, but I like looking at it from the other angle. In the Lostiverse, Mother asks the Son to spare her, and in the Lostiverse, he does.

Well Site; Day: Esau is lying on the grass when he regains consciousness, only to find his well has been completely filled in. He sees smoke in the distance and runs to it. Camp Nameless has been burnt to the ground and the Others are dead. He finds his Senet board in the smoking embers, and holds it to his head as he cries in frustration. There's a lot of spinny camera work that makes me want to toss my cookies. Thank goodness it's COMMERCIAL time!

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