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You Spin Me Right Round Baby

The man lifts the needle from the record, shuts off the player, and walks out of his barracks and then across New Otherton, back when it was looking all spiffy and new. We only see him from behind -- tan pants, black shirt, dark brown or black hair. He enters a building and is greeted as "Doc" by a man who tries to hand him a piece of paper. His offer is rebuffed as our mysterious faceless man finally speaks. "I don't need a script." Wait! I know that voice. Could it be...oops, sorry, he's still talking. A woman helps him on with a white lab coat as he says, "Let's go. I don't have all day." You and me both, Doc. Doc sits down to film take one of Dharma Orientation Film #2, and we finally see his face. He's Dr. Pierre Chang, who introduces himself as Dr. Marvin Candle, yet again, as he begins the orientation for Station 2: The Arrow and explains, "This station's primary purpose is to develop defensive strategies and gather intelligence on the island's hostile, indigenous population..." He's interrupted by a Dharma worker who reports that there's a problem down at the Orchid.

Underground at the Orchid: A foreman explains to Chang that they were cutting through rock when the drill melted. They went through six carbon drill bits, and when the last one "just fried" his operator started holding his head and freaking out. We see the drill operator lying unconscious on the ground -- with a bloody nose -- which is way more serious than a bloody nose in the real world. The foreman explains they took a sonar image of the wall, and found an open chamber about 20 meters in. He shows Chang a print out of the image, and we can see the DONKEY WHEEL! I love this crazy show. The foreman's all ready to lay charges here, there and everywhere to get to whatever is back there, but Chang forbids it. He tells the foreman that the location of the Arrow was chosen for it's proximity to a seemingly limitless supply of energy, and if they can harness it, it will allow them to manipulate time. The foreman punches him in the nose, throws down his hardhat, retreats to his barracks, pops open a cold beer, and yells at his kids that they're never going to college because too much thinking drives a good man crazy. Or perhaps he just snickers and tells Chang, "Right, okay, so what -- we're going to go back and kill Hitler?" Chang sneers that the foreman shouldn't be absurd and blathers on about rules -- rules that can't be broken -- but I can't help but wonder if Rule 1 shouldn't and doesn't read: Do not manipulate time, particularly with a donkey wheel, m'kay? And if it does read as such, then Rule 2 should and perhaps does read: But if you're going to ignore Rule 1, then go ahead and kill Hitler, seeing as he's freaking Hitler and all. The foreman, who remembers he's trapped in an island cavern-y mine-ish sort of place with this crazed and haughty academic and that it's way too difficult to get back to the mainland, decides to play along. He asks Chang what he wants him to do. Chang orders him to do nothing, explaining that drilling even one centimeter further risks releasing all that energy. "If that were to happen -- God help us all." If the energy turns out to be glow-y and green, with shiny, shiny hair, I'm so calling it Dawn. Forewarned is forearmed.

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