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You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Chang storms off and bumps into a worker whose face he doesn't see -- but we do; it's Daniel Faraday. He apologizes as Chang yells at him. With Chang gone, Daniel heads straight for the foreman. As the crew carries out the still unconscious bloody-nosed drill operator, the foreman says to Daniel, "Did you hear that? Time travel! How stupid does that guy think we are?" Daniel had better never play poker, because he tries for a, "Shahhhh, really, what a loon" face but ends up with a "My burrito disagrees with me; I hope I don't hurl on my shoes, stop looking at me STOP LOOKING AT ME" face, instead. Left alone for a moment, Daniel takes a good look at the holes drilled into the solid rock wall. The camera focuses on two of the holes -- which look like an idol's eyes -- and then zooms in on one, which is gazing as intently at Daniel as he is at it.

On the mainland -- present: Jack waits with Locke's corpse in the Hoffs/Drawlar (i.e. an anagram for "Flash Forward) Funeral Parlor. Ben enters, and encourages Jack to close the casket. They've got to move Locke's body and pick up Hugo. Through his drug-induced haze, Jack tells Ben that Hurley is locked up in a mental institution. Ben, being the evil incarnate, is happy because this will make it easier to get Hurley than the rest of Jack's friends. Wallowing in negativity as only an addict can, Jack slurs that they're not his friends, then ignores Ben's chiding. Jack asks, "How did we get here? How did all of this happen?" Ben stays on message -- it happened because they left the island. Just as intent on staying on task, Ben announces they should get started as he slams closed Locke's casket and we flash...

...Forward -- a few hours maybe -- to a hotel bathroom. Jack is shaving off his beard which is even fuglier than fake. HOORAY! I wanted that more than I wanted to know about the four-toed statue and the Black Rock. Maybe Ben's not the evil incarnate so much as one of its minions. Jack's not only clean, but sober (enough). He wants to know what happens once they get Hurley. Ben says they'll get Sun, and Kate. Jack doesn't see that last one happening -- and that's not just the negativity of addiction talking. Jack asks Ben when he last saw Locke (alive). Ben says it was on the island and we flash...

...Back to the Orchid. Ben narrates over a video montage of their last encounter, right before Ben moved the island. "On the island, in the orchid station below the greenhouse. I told him I was sorry for making his life so miserable, and then he left." LIES LIES ALL LIES. Well, not all, but we see (and remember) that it was Ben who left. Jack, please don't believe him. Back in the present day, in their hotel room, with his memory and LIE concluded, Ben says, "So obviously John's visit to you made an impression. What did he say to make you such a believer?"

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