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You Spin Me Right Round Baby

And what timing! It's almost like someone scripted that line for Sawyer, because we see John Locke running through the jungle. At least it's no longer raining on the poor bastard. He climbs up a hill and as he nears the summit, a small, yellow prop plane flies overhead, and crashes a ways off. I yell, "The drug plane!" My husband looks at me with quiet concern. Locke watches as the remains smolder, when something lying in the tall grass catches his eye. He scoots down the other side of the hill -- in the general direction of the fresh wreckage, and finds a statue of Our Lady of the Poppies, so I turn to my husband and say, "See? Drug plane." My husband nods, and yet he confiscates my tranquilizers. Mean! Locke makes his way through the jungle and comes upon the site where Boone died. The plane though, is not a burnt-out wreck on the jungle floor (sheesh, I've already used that expression twice in this recap -- what a hack); it is still teetering atop the weird trees on which it landed, all that time ago, when Yemi died, which is apparently now. Um, no, I don't follow either (except I DO and that's scary). You think being defenestrated by his own father would leave Locke a little wary of heights, but no -- he's in full-on Action!Locke mode (with maybe a side of Redemption!Locke), so he scales the wall of root-like trunks or trunk-like roots, as the yellow plane continues to teeter overhead. A shot fires and ricochets off the tree thingies. Then another. Locke yells out, "Hey!" like you do when you're being shot at...I hear. Despite his protest, a third shot rings out, and Locke falls to the jungle...er...ground.

Who didn't see that coming? Besides Locke, I mean.

As he lies in the dirt, and his own blood, Locke realizes he's having difficulty moving. He's also been shot in the leg. We hear his assailant approach. Locke does, too. Locke tries to hoist himself to a sitting position, and who should burst through the thicket but ETHAN! Training his rifle on Locke he asks, "Who are you?" Locke recoils with shock, and looks for recognition in Ethan's eyes -- where there are only questions. Ethan demands to know how many others are onboard. When Locke says he didn't come on the plane, for just a second I think he's lying, until I realize he's referring to the yellow Beechcraft, not Oceanic Air 815. My great-uncle once crashed a little yellow plane (a Piper, I think -- is there such a plane?) in this lake and walked...er...swam away unscathed. As far as we know, it's still there. Which has nothing to do with anything, but I've been running from the TV to the kitchen to check on my oldest son's birthday cake and I'm all discombobulated. Despite the fact that I'm but a wee baby recapper, he turns 13 today. I'm quite sure my life's been skipping like a record (baby). So yeah, Locke tells Ethan he wasn't on the Beechcraft. Ethan tells him this is the wrong answer, and makes as if to shoot. Locke implores him to stop. "I know you. I know you. I know who you are. Your name... Your name is Ethan. Your name is Ethan." When Ethan asks his name, Locke says, "My name is John Locke. I know this is gonna be hard to understand, but Ben Linus appointed me as your leader." Way to lead with your foot in your mouth, Locke. After telling him that's the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard, Ethan bids goodbye to John Locke. As he takes aim, the buzzing noise starts again, and things get lighter and lighter as Locke braces himself for the bullet. Then, FLASH. The next thing he knows, he's still on the ground, arms over face, but it's nighttime and Ethan is gone.

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