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You Spin Me Right Round Baby

When they reach their apartment, Sayid notices that the piece of Scotch tape he placed atop the door has been broken. He shoves Hurley away, approaches the apartment with his gun drawn, and the door flies open. Sayid and the guy on the other side of it struggle, but Sayid makes quick work of hurling him off the balcony. He lands with a sickening thud. Hurley can't peel his eyes from the body lying on the pavement until another man exits the doorway and attacks Sayid. They're a bit more evenly matched and wrestle their way back into the apartment. There are shots fired and a lot of fighting in the dark, and yet? I am not an action-recapper. They end up in the kitchen, and the man shoots three tranquilizer darts at Sayid. Two hit. Sayid removes the one from his neck, but not the one from his back, and falls face first into the kitchen sink. The man might be one of the Others. He looks familiar, but I can't place him. As Sayid leans motionless on the counter, the man approaches him from behind. Sayid grabs a heavy pan from the dish strainer and conks the guy right in the head. There's more fighting, and during it someone (Sayid?) kicks open the dishwasher door and the bottom drawer rolls forward. Who loads their sharp knives blade-up like that? Sayid does, I'll tell you what. He knocks his assailant down right on top of them. Bye-bye, Mr. Very Bad Guy.

Out on the balcony, Hurley finds one of the guys' guns, and decides to pick it up, just as witnesses cross the parking lot to check out the guy whom Sayid tossed off the balcony. Of course they see Hurley with the gun. One guy uses his cell phone to take a picture of Hurley, and they run off to call the cops before Hurley can snap out of it and run into the apartment. He finds Sayid, just after he's taken the second dart out of his back. Hurley expresses his disappointment in Sayid's "safe house" but Sayid's just struggling to remain conscious, and orders Hurley to get him to the car. On their way out, Hurley says, "We never should have left that island."

Back on that island: Sawyer, Juliet, et al roam through the jungle at night. Charlotte asks Miles if he thinks Widmore's looking for them. Miles is willing to take his chances, since it took Widmore 20 years to find the island the first time. Then Juliet finds the hatch -- or what remains of it. Daniel tells Sawyer, "Okay so when we are now -- it's now after you and your people crashed on the island." Sawyer says if that means their camp is back, he's returning to the beach, but Daniel tells him that's pointless. Since they don't know when the next flash is coming, by the time he gets back to the beach, the camp could be gone again. Sawyer throws what-ifs at Daniel. What he's most thinking about is whether or not the helicopter would have yet taken off. Juliet chimes in that they could warn their friends not to fly to the freighter. Daniel tells them that you can't change anything -- even when you try -- it doesn't work. He compares time not to a record now, but to a street -- you can move forward and in reverse, but you can't make a new street. He says that whatever happened... happened. Well then what's the flipping point of manipulating time? CAN YOU JUST TELL ME? PLEASE? Okay, no. When Sawyer wants to know how Daniel knows so much about this, he drags out his scientific creds, and his journal -- it's why they're here. If they can't stop anything, Sawyer wants to know who can. Daniel looks like he gets an idea, which I can tell, because I hear the music of "Daniel Gets An Idea" playing in the background.

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