Born To Run

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Hey! Kate! I got a new complaint!

Walt scoots over to where his dad's lying against a tree and asks him if he's feeling better. Mercutio smiles and says that he is. He tells Walt not to worry, and that they're going to be sailing home soon, but before he can finish, Walt admits to burning the first raft. Stunned, Mercutio waits for his son to explain. "I didn't want to leave, and I thought I could stop it. Sorry. I'm really sorry, Dad." Mercutio looks like he wants to pop his cork, but he lets that subside, before telling Walt that it's okay, and the two of them can stay on the island. "We don't have to go," he says. Walt says, "Yes, we do." There's something about his son's innocent self-assuredness that gives Mercutio pause. Only this time Walt doesn't explain; he just looks out to the water.

Kate's shelter. Sun comes up, wondering if it's okay to approach the leper, and tells her that Jack knows. Kate's all, oh no! until Sun says she didn't tell Jack that it was Kate's idea. Kate smiles, and thanks her. "Why should you be punished? You were only trying to help me," says Sun, adding that Jack said he wouldn't tell the others. Kate says Jack's good at keeping secrets, because this is a theme that hasn't been explored in at least thirty seconds, and then Sun starts rambling about how when she was a little girl, she believed that once she found the man she loved, she would be happy, forever. Kate just says, "Yeah, me too." At least until you get him killed! Am I right? See, the ladies know what I'm talking about.

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