Born To Run

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Hey! Kate! I got a new complaint!

Back at the raft construction site, Sawyer's asking Mercutio why Jin's packing a bunch of fish if they're heading out onto the ocean. "We can't catch fish?" asks Sawyer. Mercutio asks if Sawyer knows anything at all about surviving on the ocean. Sawyer's a little taken aback before asking if Mercutio himself does. Mercutio's response is that it doesn't matter, since he built the damn raft. Then he says maybe Sawyer's not the best person to go out onto the ocean with. "You're going to vote me off, Mickey?" asks Sawyer. Mercutio doesn't say anything, so Sawyer follows up: "And who the hell's gonna take my place?"

Why, it's Kate! She's burning the picture in a passport beyond any recognition when Sawyer stomps up, demanding to know what the hell she thinks she's doing. She smiles all innocently and says, "Sorry?" and he growls at her not to turn the "'oh, golly' eyes" on him. He says Mercutio told him she was jockeying for Sawyer's spot on the raft. She gets up to leave and says she was just asking questions; Mercutio must have misunderstood. Sawyer, though, ain't havin' it: he grabs her arm and hisses that he knows what she's up to, just like he knows why she wanted the Haliburton case, that she was the prisoner the U.S. Marshal was escorting. "Let go of me," she says, and shakes herself free. "Your only chance of running's getting on that raft, ain't it?" he calls after her, theorizing that after the rafters get picked up and rescuers come for the rest of them on the island, there's going to be a big ol' asterisk (which he pronounces "asterick") next to her name. Is this a steroid thing, or is it because Kate played more games in a season than the Babe did? Sawyer tells Kate that her secret is safe with him, but there's no way she's taking his place on the raft. He turns to leave, but her anger turns to a smirk. "Hey Sawyer. I want your spot? I'll get your spot." Sawyer watches her leave, which really isn't the least enjoyable activity ever.

Back at the accelerated raft construction site, Walt tosses his dad a bottle of water, then sits down and asks Mercutio what he and Sawyer were arguing about. "Told him something he didn't want to hear," says Mercutio, sitting down next to him. "Why does he want to get on the raft so much?" asks Walt, and Mercutio tells him it's because Sawyer knows it's going to work. Walt wants to make sure that once they get rescued, they'll come back for the rest of the lostaways. Mercutio, who a moment ago had no problem promising his son that they were going to be rescued, then warns Walt that it might be hard to find the island again, though he assures him that they will look. "But there's no guarantees. That's why you and me --" but we never get to hear the end of that sentence, because Mercutio suddenly starts grunting and wincing and clutching his stomach, crumpling to the ground. Walt starts shouting, and Mercutio stops puking long enough to tell his son to go get Jack. Commercials.

Turns out Walt was also born to run, as he's tearing through the jungle, coming upon Sun (note: she's holding a water bottle just like Mercutio's) and Kate, who want to know what the problem is. Walt explains that it's his dad. "His stomach is really bad." Sun's eyes widen slightly. Kate tells her to take Walt back to Mercutio while she fetches Jack. Only after she goes running off that she doesn't seem to know where he actually is, and decides that coming to a halt and screeching "Jack!" while the camera spins around her is the best option available to her at the moment.

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