Born To Run

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Hey! Kate! I got a new complaint!

Charlie's still got that damn guitar strapped on, and he's playing songs and moving around and just generally annoying Claire, who's trying to either pick nits out of his hair or cut his hair, like how great would it be if Claire "accidentally" stabbed Charlie in the back of the head, thus thwarting any Driveshaft renaissance. "I'm writing again! I'm really feeling it as well!" he says, and he asks Claire what she plans to do when they get rescued, and she says that she hasn't thought about it, and he says she and "Turnip Head" can stay with him, like that's so nice of him, but it's probably making Claire pray that they are never found. But she thanks him, and he says, "Smashing," and then he says the song he's playing now will be track two, and it's called, "Monster Eats the Pilot," and I guess this is supposed to be funny or something, but I can't say that if I were stranded on this fucked-up island and an actual MONSTER had actually eaten the pilot that I'd be writing songs about it, unless maybe perhaps I was Elliott Smith. And since the best song I ever wrote rhymed "futon" with "Yukon," I am clearly no Elliott Smith.

Kate strolls into Jack's operating cave, and she asks him how Mercutio's doing, and Jack says he's going to be fine. And then there's indiscreet, there's rude, and then there's Kate asking if someone's going to be taking Mercutio's place on the raft. Jack interrupts her to ask if she poisoned Mercutio. She's shocked. Shocked! She waits a moment before saying anything, and when she finally speaks, this is what she says: "Do you really think I'm capable of that?" Not really the toughest question in the world to answer, if you ask me. But she asked Jack, who thinks about it before making a shruggy face and saying, "I don't know what you're capable of." Kate's killed people; Jack knows that she says she killed the man she loved, and although he doesn't necessarily know the details, he knows she was under armed escort by a federal marshal. But mainly, he KNOWS THAT SHE RECENTLY DRUGGED HIM, so when he says he doesn't know what she's capable of, let's assume that he means he doesn't know the upper limit of what she's capable of, because she's certainly capable of and experienced in DRUGGING PEOPLE. I mean, good GOD. So she looks all hurt, like, give me a break with the wounded puppy look, Kate, and she turns around and stomps off into a flashback.

Kate's still digging in the ground, and Tom comes up with a couple of beers, like any excuse for a party for Tom. And Kate can't believe he brought beer, but Tom says no self-respecting Iowa man goes anywhere without beer, and if that's some kind of Iowan stereotype it's news to me, and furthermore what is up with this show's depictions of doctors, like can there be one doctor on this show who isn't an alcoholic? And Kate and Tom chug their beers that apparently induce Straight Talking and Buried Object Finding, because Tom sits on the hood of the car and tells Kate that it's not fair, her coming home. And all she says is she knows, and she gets back to digging. And she hits paydirt almost immediately, and looks up at Tom all ecstatic. She reaches down, and it appears that striking the item with her shovel completely dislodged it from the earth, because all she has to do is brush a little dirt off and she pulls right out of the ground a small rectangular box. She's thrilled. Tom looks a little more conflicted, though, and Kate catches his look and tempers her enthusiasm a little bit.

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