Born To Run

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Hey! Kate! I got a new complaint!

On the beach, Mercutio's still taking it easy, and that notoriously lazy bastard Jin is relaxing too. Sawyer tosses Mercutio a bottle of Pepto Bismol, since they can't have their "pilot out of commission." Mercutio looks at Sawyer like he can't believe the nerve, and asks him if he's feeling guilty. Sawyer's confused. "You're off the raft," says Mercutio, tossing the bottle away, and I'd just like to interject that Pepto Bismol deserves some kind of criminal charges for their mind-blowingly annoying diarrhea Macarena commercial. "We had a deal!" snarls Sawyer, and Mercutio says the deal was voided when Sawyer tried to poison him, a scurrilous charge that Sawyer denies. "You said you needed four!" says Sawyer, and Mercutio says he has four. "You've been stealing stuff off of dead bodies, keeping it for yourself, using it to buy favours...you're a liar and a criminal, and I'm not letting you near my boy!" Would it be mean-spirited of me to point out to Mercutio that all of this was true even before he got poisoned? Nice try, pal. Meanwhile, Jin's looking at Sawyer like, is this true? Either that, or he's desperately wishing he was speaking to his wife so she could translate what the crazy round eyes are yelling at each other. "I'm a criminal, huh? I poisoned you because I'm a criminal?" He moves towards Mercutio, but Jin pushes him back, so Sawyer calls him "boy," so I guess Sawyer is one Southern redneck who gets his racial epithets mixed up.

Conveniently, Kate is right nearby, so Sawyer stomps on over to her and growls that he had no idea she wanted on the raft so badly, and he grabs her by the arm and drags her over to Mercutio so they can set things straight. Meanwhile, a crowd is gathering. Well, right now it's just Charlie and Hurley, but that counts. "Tell him!" says Sawyer, and Kate doesn't say anything, so Sawyer grabs her backpack and dumps everything on the ground. Kate tries to stop him as he goes for the passport, but he snags it and asks the growing crowd of gawkers if they remember Joanna, the one who drowned, and wonders what Kate's doing with her identification. Mercutio takes the passport to examine it. "Could it be she'd do just about anything to get on that raft?" says Sawyer. "So she could get herself rescued? Run off with a new identity before half the reporters in the world descend on this damn island? She might even poison the captain himself..." and at this point Kate interrupts Sawyer's increasingly irritating speechifying with a "shut up." And as everyone looks at poor, forlorn Kate, Sawyer says she doesn't care about anyone but herself, which, I mean, coming from Sawyer...anyway, flashback.

Diane's being wheeled into the MRI room by Tom and another doctor or intern or whatever, who takes off after Tom thanks him. Kate comes out from hiding in the MRI room, and Tom says he'll be right nearby in the office.

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