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Monks Gone Wild!

The boys are gathered around the campfire laughing while Jin is either telling ghost stories or engaging in some Korean Noh theater production where they hold a flashlight under their face and scare the bejesus out of Hurley. Charlie puts down his guitar and walks over to join Desmond who has opted to sit by himself in the bushes. Is there a merit badge for lurking? 'Cause Desmond has definitely earned it. Desmond is staring at the picture of him and Penny. Charlie asks about it, and Desmond shows it to him. Charlie takes the picture, leers at Penny and skeeves me out by saying, "That's not bad, Des, not bad at all." Is there a merit badge for having a hot girlfriend? Charlie asks how Desmond left her behind to come to the island and push a damn button? Desmond says he was a coward. Charlie mysteriously apologizes for Desmond's shortcomings, but Desmond says he was sorrier. He tried to run away from her, but she tracked him down because with enough money and determination you can find anyone. She never gave up. Now he hopes she spent the last three years looking for him. Is that a healthy relationship? I vote hell no! My impending rant on the topic is interrupted by the sound of a very troubled helicopter. The campers all listen as they helicopter propeller slows way down. Hurley asks if that is how it is supposed to sound and all three turn to glare at him and say, "No." They listen intently as the helicopter makes a cracking noise and then the propellers stop and the helicopter splashes into the water. Desmond looks positively aghast. Charlie and Hurley argue about whether they can go out in the ocean to attempt a rescue, but give up when Jin points out what looks to be a signal beacon attached to a parachuter descending through the night sky. Desmond claps his hands together and smiles in anticipation.

Jin has apparently learned enough English to argue that it wasn't a person but rather a Dharma Initiative Brand Food Drop (pat. pend.) Hurley doesn't buy it because of the signal beacon; he thinks it was a pilot who ejected. Charlie slaps Hurley on the back of the head and says he can't believe Hurley is so stupid as to think you can eject from a helicopter. And why does Hurley think it is someone? Because Desmond said someone was coming. The Three Stooges turn to stare at Desmond who is rapidly packing up camp sot they can go find the pilot. Charlie refuses to start tromping through the jungle in the middle of the night. When he mentions Rousseau's booby traps, I close my eyes and wrap up into a fetal position and rock back and forth until I realize that they aren't showing Charlie getting skewered. Desmond looks a mite guilty, but still says that all four of them have to go NOW. Why? Because that's the way it is supposed to happen. Charlie still refuses, saying, "Well then it's supposed to happen without me." Desmond pauses, checks his flashback for accuracy, and realizes that if they left now, the lighting would be all wrong. He agrees to leave at first light, but not before visualizing an impaled Charlie one last time. God!

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