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Monks Gone Wild!

Out in the jungle, Desmond is totally bossing everybody. Charlie whinges a bit about what is going to happen next, and Desmond tells him that he saved his life three times and has earned a bit of trust. He would have a point if we didn't all know that he was totally untrustworthy and lying through his white, white teeth. Hurley says he is going to have a coronary, and Desmond says no, he's not. And he knows because he is psychic! Desmond is yelling at everyone to haul ass when Charlie finds a plastic hula girl. Jin suggests it is Rousseau's, a suggestion Charlie takes very seriously and seems to actually contemplate. Take note kids: Drugs really do fry your brains like eggs in a cast-iron skillet! As Charlie mulls over the possibility of Rousseau carrying around a plastic hula girl, Desmond notices a backpack caught in a tree. In his eagerness to retrieve it, he uses Hurley as a human ladder, which was sort of funny. He grabs the backpack and finds a satellite phone. It doesn't work, which as Charlie put it is a "shocker." Maybe I was wrong about his brain. As he empties the bag he finds a copy of Ardil-22 (that's Catch-22 in Portuguese for those too lazy to Google) with a picture of him in it. It's the same damn picture of him and Penny, which forces me to ask: Did they only take one photo together in their entire freakin' relationship?

It's Another Day in Paradise, and Kate is washing her neck in the communal water supply humming "I Wish it Would Rain Down" when Sawyer walks up to give her a mix tape. She smiles like she means it until she realizes it is Phil Collins's Greatest Hits. Which is pretty crappy, but fitting, considering it's pretty crappy that she is using Sawyer to work out her feelings about Jack. Sawyer asks why she jumped him last night. Was it because she saw Jack hanging out with Juliet? She said it wasn't like that, it was just something In the Air Tonight. He asks if it is Against All Odds that they'll have One More Night. She denies it had anything to do with Jack. Sawyer can see her True Colors, though, and tells her if she is going to use him, just to ask because he's an Easy Lover and it's A Groovy Kind of Love. If she is going to use him they will have to live Separate Lives. Oh Sawyer, don't you know that You Can't Hurry Love.

As our intrepid troop marches fearlessly through the jungle to save the downed pilot (is that a merit badge?), it finally dawns on Charlie that Desmond thinks the pilot is Penny. And we're back to the fried brain issue. He asks and Desmond says he hoped it was true, but after finding the picture, he knows it is. Charlie can't figure out why Desmond wouldn't tell them he thought it was Penny. Desmond asks, "Would you have come if I had?" Des, Charlie has no idea that he's about to get skewered like a wiener, so, yeah, he probably would have helped you find her if you'd asked. Desmond tries to cover his tracks by going on about not wanting to change anything in his vision. He just wants to rescue Penny. Charlie agrees that they shouldn't change anything, especially if his vision leads to getting them rescued from the Island. In the face of Charlie's helpfulness and solicitude, Desmond looks grim. It could be either the 47th rerun of Charlie getting speared or it could just be all that smoke he's inhaling from his pants. It starts to pour as the campers head out.

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