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Good…bad…Ana's the one with the gun

The Tailaways are trying to get a still-unconscious Sawyer to drink some water. Libby says they should just continue to the camp, and the Lostaways will understand it was an accident. Sayid's now tied to a tree. So who tied him? "They'll understand? I killed one of them," says Ana-Lucia. Sayid comes to, and seems disoriented for a moment. Ana gestures to Michael and Jin and tells Libby that if those two move, to shout.

She then stomps over to Sayid, who calmly tells her to untie him. She says she won't, so he yells it at her. Ana-Lucia looks mildly surprised that Sayid is upset with her after she shot his girlfriend, knocked him out, and tied him to a tree. And things just keep falling apart; Eko puts Sawyer over his shoulders and starts walking. She asks what he's doing. "I'm taking him back to his camp," he says. She asks him not to go, and says that if things were reversed, Sawyer would leave Eko to die. I don't imagine Sawyer could move Eko, let alone carry him, but I guess that's not the point. "I'm not doing it for him. I'm doing it for me," says Eko, and leaves.

Ana's back on patrol with her partner, a guy who could have been in Super Troopers. ["He just got super-killed on Prison Break a few weeks ago." -- Sars] They get some welcome-back banter out of the way, which you'd think they might have done back at the station instead of later out in the car, but whatever. "Heard about you and Danny," says Super Trooper. "Want me to go kick his ass for you?" She says nah. "It's better this way," she says. Did she shoot him? Until I hear otherwise, I'm going to assume she shot him. Then she takes notice of their surroundings and asks what they're doing in Westwood. "Thought a change of scenery would be nice. Nice, safe neighbourhood for your first day back," he says. She gives him a medium-strength glare. "This was her idea, wasn't it?" she says. "She is the captain," points out Super Trooper.

The radio crackles with a nearby domestic disturbance call, and Ana picks up the radio (the car's number is 8A16, in case you're keeping track) to respond, even though Super Trooper points out that it's not their call. She ignores him. "We're just three blocks away," she says into the radio.

Then we get this hilarious near-parody of an episode of Cops, only the people are better-looking, have all of their teeth, and aren't being bleeped every few seconds. A dude named Travis is holding a television, which he is apparently taking with him, because he bought it with his money (Rob Corddry might add: that he earned! Working at a job!). And the woman, Shawna, is naturally holding a crying baby. So Ana-Lucia and Super Trooper show up, and the Bickersons start yelling even more, and the baby's crying, and Ana stares at it while Super Trooper tries to get the Bickersons to calm down. And Ana-Lucia just finally whips out her gun (had to know that was coming) and orders Travis to get on the ground. He drops the television and hits the deck, and Shawna's freaking out, and Super Trooper angrily orders Ana-Lucia to holster her weapon, which she eventually does. Good call, Captain Foxy Mama. Nice one.

Back on Craphole Island, Ana-Lucia seems to be turning into a complete basket case. Libby says she should let Sayid go, but she won't: "I killed someone he loves," she says, so I guess Sayid's been talking about his love life. Michael and Jin watch. Michael shakes his head and stands up, and ignores Ana's order to sit down. "I'm bringing him water. You gonna shoot me? Shoot me," he says, and walks over to Sayid. "Don't even think of untying him," she says, as tough as she can muster, which is getting harder since no one's even listening to her anymore.

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