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Good…bad…Ana's the one with the gun

As everyone leaves, Ana-Lucia looks everywhere in the room except straight into her mom's eyes. "Why are you doing this?" asks Mama, and Ana-Lucia repeats that it isn't him. She's clearly lying. "He put four bullets into you. Hollow-points through your vest [side note: I'm told hollow-points wouldn't be able to do that. I'm somewhat concerned when people volunteer information on certain types of bullets]. He tried to kill you." Mama ask if Ana wants to put the guy back out on the street. Ana-Lucia just repeats that it isn't him, and leaves the room. I presume they cut the part where Mama said, "I'm not done with you yet, young lady!" (And then Ana-Lucia shot her.)

Back on Craphole Island, Ana-Lucia examines the body of special guest star Maggie Grace, who didn't have to learn any lines for this episode. Ana-Lucia appears regretful and overwhelmed, if that's worth anything. …Thought not.

Back in the hatch, Eko's examining the rack of heavy assault weapons, when Locke asks him what happened out there. "There was an accident," understates Eko. He explains that a girl was shot and killed. "What did she look like?" asks Locke. Eko describes her as tall and blonde, and it's when Eko mentions the Arab man that Locke says it was Shannon. He looks grim. So Ana-Lucia just finished what you started, Locke. So much for the Carlyle-Rutherfords.

Locke asks about Eko saying there were five of them from the tail section, which Eko corrects to four (already writing Cindy off, I guess). Locke asks why the rest of them didn't come, as well as Michael and Jin. "They cannot come back right now," says Eko. He says it all whisper-spooky. Locke asks if Eko can take him to them. Eko glances at the Rambo wall before saying no.

Kate's helping Jack tend to a shirtless Sawyer, who's been moved to one of the bunks. Jack gets Kate to hold him up while Jack tries to get some pills down his throat, but even unconscious, Sawyer has to be a pain in the ass and refuse. Kate takes the pills, over Jack's objections, and then clutches Sawyer to her chest and talks to him like you'd talk to a dying loved one. Jack looks embarrassed to be there, although he's probably still agonizing over his errant tee shot. Kate whispers to Sawyer that the only way he's going to get better is if he takes the pill. "So you just swallow it, okay?" she says, and she's practically making out with his forehead. It seems to work, as Sawyer takes the pill, and Kate gives him some water. "Nice job," says Jack, still a little chagrined. "We never learned the whole whisper-in-the-ear thing in med school." He half-smiles, as does Kate, who clearly would like Jack to leave, so she can continue to nuzzle Sawyer and stroke his hair. Jack gets up and leaves as nonchalantly as he can muster.

Back at the Ana-Lucia camp, Bernard's had enough and has decided to bail, despite her vociferous protests. "I don't want to be a part of this," he says. "I know everything you've done for us. And I know I wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for you. But I'm going." Really, what did she do besides kill Goodwin? That's her entire survival-leader résumé? What have you done for me lately? Bernard takes his sack and a walking stick.

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